Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Dream Like It's Real & Be Real

Imagine this: a nicely litted room. Comfortable sofas - in your favourite colour. Champagne pops. Glasses tick. Cheers of laughters. You being one of them. You are wearing a beautiful shirt/ dress. And so are your friends, who were invited to celebrate this special occassion with you. And everyone is smiliing, with glittering eyes - excited and happy for you achieving one of your milestone dreams.

Well, I just painted a picture that I would like to be in. A celebration mood celebrating an achievement. And when I dream that, I dream I am in it really enjoying the whole atmosphere - hearing the laughters, seeing my friends faces.

I do dream of other situations I'm in as well, as if I'm really in them. And I must say that when I dream like it's real, it gets me excited. And there are many times I find myself in a situation that I've dreamt of, and now achieving it.

The power of dreams can make them a reality. But we have to dream like it's real - getting our senses to feel them and we will adjust ourselves to being who we want to be... meaning we are already being like it's real. And then, it just becomes a reality.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Opening Up to Ideas

Nearly every week, I get ideas from people from all walks of life on how to expand the business. This can get rather overwhelming at times! :)

And on top of that, some ideas are not really in sync, or I may find it a little 'off'. However, I must say, that many times, there will be good ideas coming along - be it from family members, friends or acquintance, tough they may not even be in this lifestyle-entertainment field that I am in.

I must admit that there are times that when someone pops an idea, I may discard it. But after some thought, these ideas do come along well - and will work when applied!

That's why for me, it's time to be open and just listen. Of course the next step is to be wise and select as well... and finally, to make these ideas work! (they will once we believe) :)

Monday, January 22, 2007

Inspiring Trip

Was over in Penang recently for business. But at the same time, took some time off to enjoy this beautiful Pearl of the Orient.

I must say this way of doing business, having business meetings and yet at the same time to take some time to enjoy the place I'm visiting is very good. Its quite refreshing, and also sometimes new ideas can pop up :)

Really going to continue take business trips cum vacations like these!

Monday, January 15, 2007


I was working for a few short hours over the weekend. Although I have only given myself a short period of time to do my work, but I really wanted to get my work completed.

Hence, I first set my goals for the day (or for that few hours) - first by writing them down. I was quite impressed that I achieved the goals quite easily. Looking back, I guess it was because when I've written the goals, it kept me on track.

What I've learnt over the weekend is that with goals set, it is so much more efficient, and more importantly it makes me focus and achieve whatever I've set to do.

This actually reminded me of the time I set my timeline for the Batik Inspirations book as well (www.batikinspirations.com). It was quite amazing to have achieved the target of putting all materials for the book within 3 months, which includes the conceptualising of a new and different book, photoshoot, arrangement with the designers, and artwork/ layout. When I told friends and including some from the industry bout the timeline, many were impressed, and so was I (and still am)... it just shows that by setting goals & writing them down, it increases productivity and efficiency... and finally achieving!

Hence, my aim now is to continue to get the momentum running... by really setting what I want to do this year, espeically with our new label, Q.Ce out, and I think it is also about time to get a second book published this year!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

A Refreshing Holiday

Last week, I was in a conversation with a friend, and she was suggesting I take a break, as I didn't take one during the long new year weekend, and especially so as I mentioned that I needed some ideas on expanding the business and trying to fit the 'jigsaws'.

I told her that I know that breaks are good. Last year alone, I had quite a handful of short breaks and it worked wonders...! There were many business ideas that I've gotten and new inspirations through those trips.

The past few days, I was to go to KL and Malacca. Tough it was for meeting a few clients/ business associates, however, in between, I did manage to take some time off to think a bit on the business.

It was quite a fruitful trip - I managed to arrange meetings, eat some good local food, and at the same time to be refreshed! This feeling of ideas flowing in, and fitting in just nicely really sets the momentum! :)

I'll definitely be heeding my friend's advise on continue to take short breaks, and keep on refreshing! :)

Friday, January 05, 2007

The Big Picture

As we are setting our goals for the year, I just want to share that we should remember the big picture at all times.

There are times when because of work overload, I get overwelhmed with the other details, that I sometimes loose sight of the big picture, or the reason Im doing all these stuff.

But I realise that by seeing the end in mind, and looking at the big picture as a whole, I can plan my day... and things run smoother :)

So, well, as we set our goals for this brand new year, let's together always continue to see the big picture as well... and achive success :)

Thursday, January 04, 2007

A Wonderful Year to You

It's 2007! 2006 was just like a blink of an eye ago.

Well, this is the beginning of a fresh new year; and this is the time most people set their resolutions, goals and dreams. I too have set mine - especially to see the Batik Inspirations project set to a higher ground reaching a wider spectrum of audience globally, and in it too comes with new other fringes and other related projects... it really is very exciting :)

For the start, I've given my batik book website a fresh new look (really refreshing!) and people from anywhere in the world will be able to get the book from us! I'm learning some simple web skills to do all these, and tough it is a lil time consuming, but hey, its worth it! (check www.batikinspirations.com)

This new year excitement is shared too with one of my friends who is truly in a good mood these few weeks! And it's nice to get this good vibrations from him - as it helps keep me in momentum too!

So well to you all out there, do have a wonderful year ahead and tough this is cliche, but really, may all your dreams come true!