Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Dream Like It's Real & Be Real

Imagine this: a nicely litted room. Comfortable sofas - in your favourite colour. Champagne pops. Glasses tick. Cheers of laughters. You being one of them. You are wearing a beautiful shirt/ dress. And so are your friends, who were invited to celebrate this special occassion with you. And everyone is smiliing, with glittering eyes - excited and happy for you achieving one of your milestone dreams.

Well, I just painted a picture that I would like to be in. A celebration mood celebrating an achievement. And when I dream that, I dream I am in it really enjoying the whole atmosphere - hearing the laughters, seeing my friends faces.

I do dream of other situations I'm in as well, as if I'm really in them. And I must say that when I dream like it's real, it gets me excited. And there are many times I find myself in a situation that I've dreamt of, and now achieving it.

The power of dreams can make them a reality. But we have to dream like it's real - getting our senses to feel them and we will adjust ourselves to being who we want to be... meaning we are already being like it's real. And then, it just becomes a reality.

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