Saturday, January 13, 2007

A Refreshing Holiday

Last week, I was in a conversation with a friend, and she was suggesting I take a break, as I didn't take one during the long new year weekend, and especially so as I mentioned that I needed some ideas on expanding the business and trying to fit the 'jigsaws'.

I told her that I know that breaks are good. Last year alone, I had quite a handful of short breaks and it worked wonders...! There were many business ideas that I've gotten and new inspirations through those trips.

The past few days, I was to go to KL and Malacca. Tough it was for meeting a few clients/ business associates, however, in between, I did manage to take some time off to think a bit on the business.

It was quite a fruitful trip - I managed to arrange meetings, eat some good local food, and at the same time to be refreshed! This feeling of ideas flowing in, and fitting in just nicely really sets the momentum! :)

I'll definitely be heeding my friend's advise on continue to take short breaks, and keep on refreshing! :)

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