Thursday, January 04, 2007

A Wonderful Year to You

It's 2007! 2006 was just like a blink of an eye ago.

Well, this is the beginning of a fresh new year; and this is the time most people set their resolutions, goals and dreams. I too have set mine - especially to see the Batik Inspirations project set to a higher ground reaching a wider spectrum of audience globally, and in it too comes with new other fringes and other related projects... it really is very exciting :)

For the start, I've given my batik book website a fresh new look (really refreshing!) and people from anywhere in the world will be able to get the book from us! I'm learning some simple web skills to do all these, and tough it is a lil time consuming, but hey, its worth it! (check

This new year excitement is shared too with one of my friends who is truly in a good mood these few weeks! And it's nice to get this good vibrations from him - as it helps keep me in momentum too!

So well to you all out there, do have a wonderful year ahead and tough this is cliche, but really, may all your dreams come true!

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