Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Must Visit Bangkok: Platinum Fashion Mall

To many friends I speak to loves Bangkok for its shopping. Many reasons for that - from wide variety and cheap as one of the main reason.

Personally, I have to agree with them. For Bangkok do offer loads of shopping from the high end to the mass wholesale.

There are so many malls and markets to explore.. that till today, I have yet to visit them all. And it's only recently that I visited the Platinum Fashion Mall.

Reading some reviews, many compare the Platinum Fashion Mall to Chatuchak Market.

But to me, a better comparison will probably be with MBK. After all, both are in a building (ie. shaded) and has air cond.

And like MBK, it has loads of shops. Many of which are dedicated to the ladies.. while only 1 level is for the guys.

Well, I was relieved when I knew that - for I do not think I'd like to explore that many levels of shops!

So well, my shopping time is much shorter.. though well, still a good 2 hours or so. The reason - well, the unique different tees and some shorts caught my attention.

I got some loud words tees and also got myself some Batman tee! That made me very much a happy shopper! Haha!

Hello, Batman!

Now, some pointers - this is a 'wholesale' mall.. meaning there are additional discounts if buying more than 1 piece.

The other thing - do get ready to be disappointed if your size is not in the petite category. Have you heard of even rather normal sized girls complaining that Thai sizes are always small? Well, that's the case here.

And unlike MBK or the departmental stores, I was clearly rejected "no size" upfront even before entering some of the shops. It's a pity as the working clothes there were of nice designs.

I didn't spend much time at the food outlets, and comparatively I think MBK has much more hang out places.

But to ask which is a better shopping place amongst the 3, for a guy if still opt for Chatuchak - the reason because it has a wider variety, including more local designs. For ladies, I think the stand off is between Chatuchak and here.

The red pants.. I got from Platinum Mall!

Go, if you love shopping!! ;)

*The nearest BTS is Chidlom. The mall is behind Central World, after the river.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Celebrating Valentine's Day In Bangkok!

I was in Bangkok during Valentine's. It was my 1st time there for that - and I learnt something new!

Me and my Vday stickers!

Well, apparently students exchange stickers during VDay.. to friends and people they admire!!

I knew bout this while passing by a group of students who had stickers all over them.

That's pretty cute heh? Forget expensive dinners and flowers.. stickers rule!! Haha!!

Well, me and my friends got ours too.. and exchanged them with some Thais!!

Watch what we did on the video below!! :)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bangkok Restaurant Review: Aoi Japanese Restaurant

So I must admit. I really had some awesome food in Bangkok!

And I'd like to share one more lovely restaurant which I was fortunate to have tried.

Now, you might wonder why was I eating Japanese while in Thailand right?

Well, one of my buddies invited me for lunch near his office. And says that the Japanese restaurant nearby there is pretty good.

Well, I was pretty open to any good food, and so there I was in Aoi. Apparently this restaurant has a few outlets in Bangkok but we tried the one in Silom Soi 6.

The restaurant atmosphere in this outlet do give a feel of a simple authentic Japanese restaurant - and a lil cram. I must say I was a lil caught off guard, expecting something more fancy. Though I didn't really mind :)

Food wise - just like many other reviews here and like my friend mentioned "it does serve some really awesome and authentic Japanese food".

Well, I got to agree with him - for one he lives in Japan. And secondly well.. the food is good. I can safely say it's above average and beats many other Japanese restaurants.

So well, if you are in Bangkok, and craving for some good Japanese food, then you know where to head to :)

Red Sky Bar Bangkok

I love sky bars. Or some call rooftop bars. And Bangkok has many of them!

And one of the newer ones - is Red Sky Bar, located downtown - right at the shopping district of Sukhumvit!

I went to this bar - in some way by chance, as I was around the area at that time and popped the question to my friends on which bar to go. And well, the bar was just 'behind' us - on the 55th floor above!

This 2 storeys rooftop bar - like many others in Bangkok is decently grand. It gives a grand welcome with its illuminated backdrop that changes colours.

It also has a 'live' band. But the other 'grand' experience - well the big pillows at the bar, which adds to the comfort!

The view from the bar is of the city. And while it's not the view overlooking the river, it's still pretty awesome (well okay, I'm a lil biased as I really love being on high sky bars.. and yes, I love this city!).

The drinks are ok, and prices still 'affordable'.

The indoor dining, with glass walls and all. 

For me, a glass of drink here for a tourist is well worth it - for it's drinks plus view plus experience. I always enjoy a drink on rooftop bars, and like to visit them whenever I travel.

Me and the gang at the top!
And here proves no different. Will I come back? Probably if I'm in a mood to chill while in this area.. though I must admit I'd like to try the other many many sky bars in this city too!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Marie France Bodyline ART

Are you concerned about losing some weight? Well, I am.. and as far as I know at least half of
my friends are too. Some would be about their general weight, and others about losing some
flabby parts of their body.

But how do we do it? Well, exercise is one of the key methods to it - I’m one of those who can
relate to that (been hitting the gym again of late.. ehem, ehem!). And some will say about eating
right too (not just diet, but eating the right stuff).

Me and fellow invited bloggers!
Amy Quek, CEO, giving her insights and input

But well, that’s not really just it. And that’s what I found out at a recent bloggers event organised
by Marie France and lead by the CEO of Marie France Bodyline, Amy Quek Swee Li.

Now this is pretty something heh.. for a CEO to actually take her time off to share some tips with
us about weight loss. So, I must say that we were pretty lucky! And more so - for Amy has been
in this industry for over 20 years!!

In this event, Amy shared a bit on the new Acoustic Radial Theraphy (ART) treatment - which
targets specific common problem areas, such as arms, thighs, abdomen, and love handles. This
treatment uses high energy radial waves with a breakthrough vacuum technology to metabolise
fat cells and reduce the occurrence of cellulite.

Briefly, this is how the treatment works:

1. High-energy rhythmic pulses is used to penetrate to an exceptional skin depth of 35mm -
which covers essential skin layers, including connective tissues and fat layers.

2. Then, a vacuum suction force from the radial probe exerts a negative pressure on the
skin. This suction force stretches and squeezes the targeted tissues to break the grid
structure of fat cell chambers beneath the skin.

3. Subsequently, the pressure and vibration stimulates blood circulation, encourages
drainage of toxins, and induces the formation of collagen fibres in the connective tissues
to firm skin, thereby eliminating the visible signs of cellulite.

And the best part? Results can be seen even just after 1 session!

My free sessions, which I got with ang pows

Sounds pretty good right? I do have a complimentary treatment, which I do hope to try out!
Would love to get rid of some bulges around the love handles!

Btw, Amy has also answered some questions from the floor and given us some pointers.

1. For ‘good results’, we also need to cultivate good eating habits.
This is something that the therapists will educate. And to which I find useful. I mean, come on - what we eat definitely plays a part in our weight loss program. We can’t be eating like crazy or keep eating all the oily stuff and expect wonders, right?

And even it it do work during treatment, how bout the period once the treatment stops?
Maintaining is key, so a healthy diet sure is important!

2. Results takes time.
This is especially important for people who want to lose weight for a reason. Eg. like those soon-to-be brides! Her words to them - plan to lose weight to fit into the wedding dress.. months ahead, just like how you plan for your wedding!! So don’t expect a one day fairy godmother here like a quick transformation like Cinderella! Haha!!

3. Fair and transparent prices
Amy highlighted that Mary France has recently streamlined their business - and that their prices are now all transparent. No more the case of going into one outlet and getting higher discounts than another. Now, that’s quite something - which I’m really glad to hear!

One of the questions that I’m concerned with apart from the above is.. well, is this centre open to male clients? After all, their ads and all are mainly catered to female clientele.

The ladies VIP lounge.. is pretty cosy!

Pretty cosy, comfy.. and classy :)

But well, I was assured - having given a tour of their outlet in KLCC. They do have treatment rooms for the guys as well... though it’s still a lil small compared to what the ladies are getting.

The male treatment room

Perhaps, this is something they will expand in the future.. knowing that us guys can get more concerned about our looks too! :)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bangkok Must Eat: Salt Coated Grilled Fish

Are you into good yet affordable seafood - BBQ style? If yes, then you will be glad to know about this place that I found by chance.

Just outside of Centralworld - just after where the shrine.. is a row of roadside stalls selling BBQ and grilled seafood!!

I know some tourists are not into roadside food, but I've eaten here many times and just keep coming back for more!

Seats can be hard to find during the peak dinner time. And many times me and my friends share the tables with other customers.

And it can get sweaty here too - cos of the crowd.

But don't let all these stop you from coming here and trying the grilled fish! The fish here are actually coated with salt and then BBQ-ed, with lemongrass. The skin is not to be eaten.

What I like about the fish here is that it's really tender. And well - delicious. The fish can be eaten as such (yes it's that good!) or added with some chilli sauces.

Apart from the fish, there's also other BBQ food like the grilled squid. Or even grilled chicken.

One can also order other non BBQ dishes like the vegetables. Eg the pak boong (aka water morning glory or aka kangkung) to go with the dishes or rice.

Or other dishes like omelette or even fresh prawn salad.

I understand that this is not the only place that sells such dishes but well - for a good price and convenience, this place is always a must visit when I go to Bangkok!!

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Bangkok Must Visit: Four Face Buddha (Erawan Shrine)

There are many shrines in Bangkok. But amongst them all, the Erawan shrine also known as the Four Face Buddha is probably the most famous one.

I've heard of friends who will visit the shrine each time they come to Bangkok to travel. And I've also heard of people who come to Bangkok just to make prayers and give thanks at the shrine.

I usually buy the offerings in the temple as it's much cheaper than the ones outside the shrine
In fact, I knew of this shrine from a friend who shared her friend's success story.. And well, it's not just success stories but also other prayers answered.

Hearing that made me wanting to visit this shrine a few trips back.

And well, like many.. I keep coming back since :)

If you are a Buddhist, why not pay a visit if you are here next? You may just get your prayers answered :)

And if you are not a Buddhist, this shrine is still worth a photo opportunity!

*The shrine is just walking distance from Chit Lom BTS station (on Sukhumvit Road), and close to many major malls.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Bangkok Restaurant Review: Secret Garden

I asked my Thai friends to bring me to some unique restaurants during my trip.. and one of them recommended the Secret Garden.

The exterior of the restaurant seems pretty welcoming.. and I knew that this place is no secret at all! It was rather packed!

But we managed to get a table, as the place is quite big.. and not so the typical small cafes. Though the interior do seem so - as stepping into here is like stepping into one of those cute old English style cafes.

They serve pretty good Thai food here - and we had a fair mix of meat and seafood. These are not the typical Thai dishes - but extended beyond the common ones that me as tourist are more familiar with.

But apart from the main dishes, they are also known for their cakes, which came in a full platter to choose from. Lining up the cakes like that sure makes it really tempting!!

And good were they!!

Over all, a good place for a nice meal in a nice environment. Or simply a place for some yummy cakes!

*Apparently the restaurant had a few outlets. But the one I visited is at
117 Thanon Sathon Tai, Thung Maha Mek, Sathon, Bangkok

Tel: 022862464