Thursday, February 21, 2013

Red Sky Bar Bangkok

I love sky bars. Or some call rooftop bars. And Bangkok has many of them!

And one of the newer ones - is Red Sky Bar, located downtown - right at the shopping district of Sukhumvit!

I went to this bar - in some way by chance, as I was around the area at that time and popped the question to my friends on which bar to go. And well, the bar was just 'behind' us - on the 55th floor above!

This 2 storeys rooftop bar - like many others in Bangkok is decently grand. It gives a grand welcome with its illuminated backdrop that changes colours.

It also has a 'live' band. But the other 'grand' experience - well the big pillows at the bar, which adds to the comfort!

The view from the bar is of the city. And while it's not the view overlooking the river, it's still pretty awesome (well okay, I'm a lil biased as I really love being on high sky bars.. and yes, I love this city!).

The drinks are ok, and prices still 'affordable'.

The indoor dining, with glass walls and all. 

For me, a glass of drink here for a tourist is well worth it - for it's drinks plus view plus experience. I always enjoy a drink on rooftop bars, and like to visit them whenever I travel.

Me and the gang at the top!
And here proves no different. Will I come back? Probably if I'm in a mood to chill while in this area.. though I must admit I'd like to try the other many many sky bars in this city too!!

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