Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bangkok Restaurant Review: Aoi Japanese Restaurant

So I must admit. I really had some awesome food in Bangkok!

And I'd like to share one more lovely restaurant which I was fortunate to have tried.

Now, you might wonder why was I eating Japanese while in Thailand right?

Well, one of my buddies invited me for lunch near his office. And says that the Japanese restaurant nearby there is pretty good.

Well, I was pretty open to any good food, and so there I was in Aoi. Apparently this restaurant has a few outlets in Bangkok but we tried the one in Silom Soi 6.

The restaurant atmosphere in this outlet do give a feel of a simple authentic Japanese restaurant - and a lil cram. I must say I was a lil caught off guard, expecting something more fancy. Though I didn't really mind :)

Food wise - just like many other reviews here and like my friend mentioned "it does serve some really awesome and authentic Japanese food".

Well, I got to agree with him - for one he lives in Japan. And secondly well.. the food is good. I can safely say it's above average and beats many other Japanese restaurants.

So well, if you are in Bangkok, and craving for some good Japanese food, then you know where to head to :)


  1. jap in thai tastes better? i bet the price is pretty reasonable :)

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  2. i love both places but would have to add Taka into any list of where to go for sushi…kind of a blend between both places
    Sentosa Restaurant


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