Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Marie France Bodyline ART

Are you concerned about losing some weight? Well, I am.. and as far as I know at least half of
my friends are too. Some would be about their general weight, and others about losing some
flabby parts of their body.

But how do we do it? Well, exercise is one of the key methods to it - I’m one of those who can
relate to that (been hitting the gym again of late.. ehem, ehem!). And some will say about eating
right too (not just diet, but eating the right stuff).

Me and fellow invited bloggers!
Amy Quek, CEO, giving her insights and input

But well, that’s not really just it. And that’s what I found out at a recent bloggers event organised
by Marie France and lead by the CEO of Marie France Bodyline, Amy Quek Swee Li.

Now this is pretty something heh.. for a CEO to actually take her time off to share some tips with
us about weight loss. So, I must say that we were pretty lucky! And more so - for Amy has been
in this industry for over 20 years!!

In this event, Amy shared a bit on the new Acoustic Radial Theraphy (ART) treatment - which
targets specific common problem areas, such as arms, thighs, abdomen, and love handles. This
treatment uses high energy radial waves with a breakthrough vacuum technology to metabolise
fat cells and reduce the occurrence of cellulite.

Briefly, this is how the treatment works:

1. High-energy rhythmic pulses is used to penetrate to an exceptional skin depth of 35mm -
which covers essential skin layers, including connective tissues and fat layers.

2. Then, a vacuum suction force from the radial probe exerts a negative pressure on the
skin. This suction force stretches and squeezes the targeted tissues to break the grid
structure of fat cell chambers beneath the skin.

3. Subsequently, the pressure and vibration stimulates blood circulation, encourages
drainage of toxins, and induces the formation of collagen fibres in the connective tissues
to firm skin, thereby eliminating the visible signs of cellulite.

And the best part? Results can be seen even just after 1 session!

My free sessions, which I got with ang pows

Sounds pretty good right? I do have a complimentary treatment, which I do hope to try out!
Would love to get rid of some bulges around the love handles!

Btw, Amy has also answered some questions from the floor and given us some pointers.

1. For ‘good results’, we also need to cultivate good eating habits.
This is something that the therapists will educate. And to which I find useful. I mean, come on - what we eat definitely plays a part in our weight loss program. We can’t be eating like crazy or keep eating all the oily stuff and expect wonders, right?

And even it it do work during treatment, how bout the period once the treatment stops?
Maintaining is key, so a healthy diet sure is important!

2. Results takes time.
This is especially important for people who want to lose weight for a reason. Eg. like those soon-to-be brides! Her words to them - plan to lose weight to fit into the wedding dress.. months ahead, just like how you plan for your wedding!! So don’t expect a one day fairy godmother here like a quick transformation like Cinderella! Haha!!

3. Fair and transparent prices
Amy highlighted that Mary France has recently streamlined their business - and that their prices are now all transparent. No more the case of going into one outlet and getting higher discounts than another. Now, that’s quite something - which I’m really glad to hear!

One of the questions that I’m concerned with apart from the above is.. well, is this centre open to male clients? After all, their ads and all are mainly catered to female clientele.

The ladies VIP lounge.. is pretty cosy!

Pretty cosy, comfy.. and classy :)

But well, I was assured - having given a tour of their outlet in KLCC. They do have treatment rooms for the guys as well... though it’s still a lil small compared to what the ladies are getting.

The male treatment room

Perhaps, this is something they will expand in the future.. knowing that us guys can get more concerned about our looks too! :)

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