Monday, October 13, 2014

Maybank 54th Birthday Celebrations

Heartwarming actions. Unexpected surprises. I’m always in for that.

And recently, I stumbled upon a cool video from Malaysia’s premier bank, Maybank, which compiled their 3 weeks of surprises which they did around Malaysia.

Now before I talk more about the video, I just want to share that I myself am a Maybank customer and has used this bank since a few years ago (even while I was in Singapore, and well I still am a customer while I’m now in China).

I like their friendly customer service especially at the branch that I visit at Taman Tun (you can add that it’s also less crowded here so that’s a plus point :P ). Oh and yes, I think the website is pretty user-friendly and convenient too.

Anyway, the bank has just celebrated its 54th birthday on 12th September. And to show their gratitude to their customers for making it possible for them to go this far, Maybank celebrated their birthday nationwide by bringing surprises to their customers.

Tokens of appreciation were given to their long standing customers, customers who walked into their branches and they even visited customers at their homes to deliver personalised tokens of appreciation! Some received iPad minis, cash vouchers, candies and some received even more personalised gifts like medical treament sponsorship, trip to Legoland, education funds and many more.

I guess the best part of Maybank’s “birthday celebration” is seeing the unexpected smiles from customers which any brand owner can be proud of. After all, what better way to celebrate a birthday but with the “people you care” and for them to appreciate your being.

Personally, for a brand to recognise their customers.. the very people who make the brand, now that’s really something I admire (and am touched).

They are also running another contest to reward customers in conjunction with their birthday.

The best selfie with tiger (any sorts!) will win you RM500! Check out their ‘m2uappselfie’ Facebook contest for details!

Congratulations, Maybank! Way to go! :) #humanisingbanking