Sunday, January 04, 2009

I'll Miss You, Shanghai

16 days have passed and today is my final day here in China, having spent a total of about 9 days here in Shanghai.

And like I mentioned, I've never thought I could spend so many days here in this China city and yet don't get bored. In fact, it's been far from it... and now that I'm going back, there is this sense of me going to miss this great city.

So, Shanghai, apart from the wonderful memories and the many tourist spots, I'll also miss:

1. Miss The Shanghai Metro & Cabs

shanghai, metroWith a whopping 9 lines, spacious seats, clean and with English announcements in the train, I'll definitely miss your ever expanding public transport that got me to places I want at affordable prices (starts from 3 yuan).

The other alternative - the cabs are also something I'll miss, for it's also very clean and always available - anytime, anywhere (and using meter!).

2. Miss The Shanghai Skyline

shanghai, skylineI'll also be missing all the mega structures you have here - where modern buildings pride themselves in cutting edge designs and glow in the night.

PS: I know it's your pride and joy to be a leader in the architectural field, even rivaling that of your counterpart, Beijing!

3. Miss The Shanghai Vibe

shanghai, vibranceI'll miss the vibe I get here - a city that is so hungry for success and global attention. I can just feel your city's vibrance walking down the main streets with all the neon lights and the new shopping malls with all the big brands!

4. Miss The Shanghai Street Shopping

shanghai, street shopI'll miss the many well decorated and with good design street shops you have, which is a good getaway from the huge malls.

5. Miss Quirky Shanghai

shanghai, vehicle lotI'll miss the 2 different faces of your city... where while there is the mega structure image, but not far away lies the old houses with clothes hanging everywhere.

Or even this, where motorbike lots are decorated with flower pots and bloomig flowers.

6. Miss The Shanghai Paddlers

shanghai, paddlersI'll miss being able to see the many interesting items sold inside & outside the metro stations from keychains, clothes and other unique items that are sold usually during the night. And of course, the bargaining that comes with it.

7. Miss The Shanghai Fruit Stalls

shanghai, fruit stallI'll miss the wide variety of fruits at the fruit stalls selling tropical fruits to others - from durians to mandarin oranges, and even strawberries!

8. Miss The Shanghai Cafes

shanghai, cafeI'll miss all the beautifully decorated Shanghai cafes - some with trees in them, and even swings as chairs. Plus of course, the wonderful dessert selection.

9. Miss The Shanghai Fast Food

shanghai, fast foodI'll miss the local Chinese fast food you have here. It's my first time seeing a local brand in a country serving fast food that is not hamburgers... but instead a wholesome meal - and proud of it!

10. Miss The Shanghai Street Food

shanghai, street foodThe abundance of street food, readily available everywhere is another thing I'll definitely miss from you, Shanghai - for one, it's delicious & different from what I get back home. And secondly, it's way cheaper compared to eating in the malls!

And finally... the two things I'll miss you most, Shanghai....

11. Miss The Shanghai Weather

shanghai, cold weatherWith this season going from -2 to 4 degrees everyday, the weather is like an air cond like feel (to get an idea, just stand in front of the air cond directly!)... and though it made me a lil sick and having me to wear 4 pieces of clothing, but it's really cool (in both sense) and makes walking around your city enjoyable.

And now the one thing I'll miss you, Shanghai...!

12. Miss Having Ice Cream In The Cold Weather!

shanghai, ice creamYou've thought me how to enjoy cold with cold and yet not be considered crazy! Now I know that when it rains back home in my country (the nearest we can get to your cold weather), I'll ask for ice cream instead of anything else!

(More ice cream at Eating Ice Cream At Zero Degrees; Ice Cream, Dessert & Winter Wear In Cold Shanghai)

Thank you, Shanghai.... it's been a great trip with super memories to bring back. This will definitely be something I remember and treasure in my life.

Oh, but Shanghai, if I can also add, the one thing that I won't miss is definitely the stressful Shanghai incidents I have here, which I experienced even till yesterday!

*I'll be leaving Shanghai in a few hours time. However, I do hope to continue my Shanghai & China series - at least for a few other places that I've not been able to share yet :)


  1. Great posts for your China tour. Am keeping links to all your related posts for my Hangzhou/Shanghai trip in Sept (still quite far away :p)

    Heard from many people who admire Shanghai night skyline. However, visiting in Sept also means I will have no chance to miss the cooling weather

  2. Awesome post, QC, both text and pictures. That Teochew (oops! Shanghai) porridge meal set sure is heartening.

    To be able to spend nine days in Shanghai is just wonderful especially at your own pace.

    Thanks for sharing all that you have shared and looking forward to more. Have a safe and pleasant flight home.

  3. hi Quahchee, Happy new year to u..
    how r u? notice u just came back from shanghai...coincidently, my fren and i were talking the other day, wanting to go shanghai in march or april, now waiting for the matta fair to materialise our trip...
    now looking thru yr posts and see what is in store for us..
    will keep in mind what is and what should be done esp when it comes to food...
    welcome back to malaysia, my fren..

  4. what a great blog...will revisit here always... :D

  5. We miss you to be back 2. Hehe..

  6. wow.. these are really nice shots of shanghai. U really enjoyed the essence of it and capture it on picture! admires..

  7. I miss Singapore too, after coming back from vacation. Haha.

  8. Happy 2009 to you and your love ones!

  9. Wah! Thanks for sharing.
    Really make me wanna visit it!
    I love the pics of street foods & the ice cream! And of course the Skyline!
    Cheers! :)

  10. Shanghai seems to be a very nice place esp from your photos. Maybe I really should save up some money to go there and find my friends. Haha.

    Anyway, I think it might not be very hard to find a job in China now, maybe you can try? It should be relatively easier than finding a job in UK :P

  11. Wow! So many things to miss about Shanghai! I think it's great to able to spend 9 days there. How come their trains and cabs so clean - wonder why KL can't do the same!

    Sitting on swings in the cafe - that's interesting!

    Eating ice cream in freezing weather - that I definitely have to learn!
    : )

  12. @tien soon
    ull be going during the autumn period. im sure you'll enjoy the coloured leaves. thats the best time to visit hangzhou btw :)

    ya, this city really gave me such wonderful memories haha! btw glad you enjoying the posts :)

    are you going free & easy too? :)

    thank you. yr blog is cool too :)

    wonder who u are lol!

    thank you for such lovely comment! :)

    oh ya, im sure singapore gives a nice experience too. what about spore did u miss most? :)

    thank you. hope u had a great start to the new year :)

    ya, eating cold in cold is the best! i miss it so much haha. its just aint the same eating ice cream back here hehe.

    well, i wont be finding a job there, but maybe to learn mandarin? hehe. or to do biz with them :)

    actually the swings in the cafe is not so new. ive seen it before in another city in china 2 years ago. quite interesting heh.

    but yes, on eating ice cream... oh, that is bliss! :)

  13. enjoyed reading about ur 9 days in china. wow that's quite a long time... and i like this sentimental post of urs - great sum-up of ur experience in shanghai!


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