Monday, January 12, 2009

Shanghai Circus World

shanghai circus worldOn my last night in Shanghai, I made an attempt to at least see one of the many shows around the China city.

I decided on this 'ERA - Intersection Of Time' held at the Shanghai Circus World, after seeing quite a fair bit of its promotions around, and having heard from friends that this is a good performance that 'yeah, you really should watch'.

Also because it has this tagline "Miss this, and you miss Shanghai". Now I know that this is just gimmick, but well, I'm sure it has something if it dare claim that big.

shanghai circus world performerThis is during the photo taking section - just look at the crowd!

This near full pack show is like the full Chinese version of Cirque Du Soleil, where ancient Chinese performances are interwined with modern acts.

One of the highlights in the show - the motorbike performance (with 8 motorbikes) in the sphere and there's also the dance of the 2 lovers (lots of Chinese shows have this, but again, it's quite entertaining).

Of all, I particularly like the part where the troupes jumped through the hoola hoops at various degrees of difficulty. This was very fast paced.

My ratings - this show is really something worth watching despite the ticket price (tickets start at 180 yuan, if not wrong). For this is really only something Shanghai can do - where they marry rich Chinese cultural heritage with modernity.

Well choreographed, with beautiful music to suite the different performances and added with wonderful play of lighting - this is Shanghai Circus World.

Intersection Of Time

Check out the songs (or at least the first song) to understand what to expect!

*This show is formed with big names in the industry (though I haven't heard about them) - Creator - Erick Villeneuve, Composer - Michel Cusson, Choreographer - Debra Brown, Lighting Designer - Alain Lortie and Sound Designer - Normand-Pierre Bilodeau.

*Everything is nice about the show but I must warn that one needs to be extra careful when buying souvenirs eg DVDs, CDs from the show. Do not get autographed copies, unless you really want to (as there's additinal 20 yuan charge). Also do not ask for free books that comes with the DVDs or CDs (cos it ain't free).


  1. That's a pretty expensive show! But it may be worth watching. Free book with the DVD but actually not free? So cunning, the Chinese! : )

  2. More pics of that 180yuan show maybe? Hehehe...

  3. hi quachee! your nick is soooo cute!!

    the songs are quite nice ah...

  4. Nice song! Chinese are getting cunning-er and cunning-er! Or more business minded lar. Ha =)

  5. @foongpc
    ya, they are so cunning! but the cd was worth it :)

    reminds me of singapore's esplanade! wonder if its a copy! haha

    would love to, but they say no photography. so i dont wanna take the risk taking from their site as well. i did provide a link - the photos there are quite good

    for me, i do suggest this show if u happen to go shanghai :)

    @ju ann
    lol. thanks, for mentioning on my nick haha!

    btw yes, the songs are really well done :)

    ya, guess as a music fan like you, u'll like the songs :)


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