Thursday, January 22, 2009

Things To Do: Hangzhou

Things To Do: Hangzhou

It seems that I didn't write much on my Hangzhou trip so far. Well, I actually did more...

hangzhou, things to do, westlakeApart from going to Hangzhou's scenic West Lake and it's park,

hangzhou, things to do, exercise parkwhere I saw people exercising their wushu in the morning,

hangzhou, things to do, scenic drivetaking beautiful walks (in the cold weather) at the roads along the West Lake,

hangzhou, things to do, shoppinggoing shopping in the city centre (or at Qinghefang),

hangzhou, things to do, foodand trying out the Hangzhou delicacies,

hangzhou, things to do, tea plantationI actually visited a very popular green tea plantation, which apparently has leaders from the world over visiting.

hangzhou, things to do, plantationAnd it was here that I was given the sample of trying 2 different types of green tea grades (the super high end and the very low end one, which took me a while to distinguish from taste).

hangzhou, things to do, drive scenicActually, the taxi driver who wanted business badly, also brought me to see 2 other 'must buy' items in Hangzhou (apart from green tea) - the silk factory and the pearl shop... of which I didn't quite enjoy nor buy any....

Instead enjoyed more scenic Hangzhou's views from the car ride!

hangzhou, things to do, busTalking about rides, I actually took the bus ride in Hangzhou as well once - mainly to save money, as I find the taxi there a lil expensive (starts from 10 or 11 yuan, with 1 yuan fuel surcharge (huh?)... and with the meter moving quite fast).

*Btw, don't you think this information stand at the city bus stop is quite impressive?

hangzhou, things to do, cycleI think I did quite a fair bit of what a tourist would do in Hangzhou. However, the only thing that I did not do was to take a cycle on the many bicycles provided in Hangzhou.

The reason for not cycling is because I was hesitant to learn the paying system of the bicycle and found walking good enough (or the taxis if far).

However, saying that, I find this go green system in Hangzhou very impressive - where one can get the bicycle from any of its stands and park them in another.

Looking back, it does seem that I've had a more laid back holiday in Hangzhou despite spending a good 5 days there. But, there's one more thing I did in Hangzhou in the night.... and that's coming up next! :)

*For the full series of my holiday in China, go here: China Trip. Btw, this is my 3rd last post for the holiday China series.


  1. The lake is absolutely beautiful and can give me a peace of mind. I would bring a book and read there everyday! I wish we have lake like this in Penang :(

  2. ei, the lake photo macam mirror leh, very nice!

  3. Like the 1st photo. Reflection of trees over the pond is great.

  4. I love the view of the lake! Even the trees along the West lake road looks so picturesque and nice!

    Wow, the information stand really look awesome! So modern not like ours. LOL!

  5. @faisal
    yes, ull love it hear. can picture you reading a book here! :)

    ya, i find this lake and its surroundings really so beautiful too :)

    agree! i always describe hangzhou as walking into a postcard - so scenic!

    on the information stand, i was impressed! :)

  6. Yeah! Agree West Lake looked amazingly serene and gorgeous. Ouh my, it's like a santuary i could tell! =)

  7. A beautiful yet relaxing place it seems! A great destination place indeed!!!

  8. i had only 1 night stay in hangzhou.. i think...

    i also realized they have awesome shopping stuffs too... and i tried one of their noodles, road side stall that open in midnight... hahaha, just by road side, and was wandering... :D

  9. Hangzhou is a nice place and an economical place to visit since for lower price, you get to see all these beautiful scenery, compared to visiting Australia and New Zealand.



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