Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Places To Visit: Shanghai

Places To Visit: Shanghai

Apart from seeing the celebrities at the Shanghai Wax Museum, visiting Shanghai Art Museum & Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Mall, taking a stroll at the popular shopping heaven of Nanjing Road, hanging out at the Shanghai Xintiandi, buying art at the Yuyuan Garden Bazaar, and watching the vibrant Shanghai Circus World performance, I actually managed to visit a few more places in Shanghai, and do a few more things in this bustling China city...

1. Exploring Jing An district

shanghai, place to visit - jing anThis is like the semi sub urb area of Shanghai... and still very bustling. The reason I tour here a bit was because my hotel was in this area. Actually around this area, there are quite a fair bit of high end hotels plus the Jing An park (unless you are here, I don't really recommend).

2. Passing by many brick buildings

shanghai, place to visit - beijing roadI can't tell much difference whether these buildings are old or new.... but they are like all over Shanghai, which in a way is an identity here.

3. Visiting the Shanghai Sex Culture Exhibition, Pudong

shanghai, place to visit - china sex culture exhibitionSorry, no photography allowed! Haha (but seriously, there ain't much here).

4. Taking the Bund sightseeing tunnel ride

shanghai, place to visit - bund sightseeing tunnelThis tunnel came as a package with the museum. It brings one through Huangpu river to the Bund area from Pudong. There's display of lights along the way - quite impressive, and it boasts of very modern technology, though not a 'super must see thing'... but again, as tourists, we just want to explore everything!

5. Seeing group of monks in monastery

shanghai, place to visit - pudong templeI chanced on this temple in Pudong. The sight of the monastry and monks in their full costumes was quite something.

6. Visiting Circus World shopping area

shanghai, place to visit - shanghai circus worldWhen I first arrived at this area, I got a lil shocked, as I thought this looks so similar to Ximending in Taipei, though in a smaller scale.

7. Continue exploring People's Square

shanghai, place to visit - people squareThe heart of the city and it's huge park. This was taken in the lift while going up to the Shanghai Wax Museum.

shanghai, place to visit - people square parkAnd this was taken when I was out from the museum. It's funny being here - as it was so quiet despite the surrounding buzz! (btw, can you see the moon - thought it's cool, moon with sunset!) :)

8. Visiting Shopping Areas At People Square

shanghai, place to visit - shopping, shanghai urban planning exhibition hallThere is this made up shopping mall to look like old Shanghai - with fake clouds and all. Quite an experience indeed.

I am lucky to encounter this as I only found out about this underground shopping after exiting the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition centre! (At first I thought it's weird that the exit is not the same as the entrance, but now I thank so).

shanghai, place to visit - people park shoppingAnd connected to this 'old Shanghai' is rows after rows of underground shops! Think Shanghai style - everything is a lot!

9. Passing by Shanghai Grand Theatre & National Museum

shanghai, place to visit - shanghai grand theatreOn my stroll around the People's Square area, I also passed the the very huge Shanghai Grand Theatre.

shanghai, place to visit - shanghai national museumAnd the Shanghai National Museum, which looked pretty good at night.

Just going through my photos of this Shanghai trip brings back so much memories, and again there's the feeling of missing Shanghai... never had I have this feeling for a city before!

*I hope the China series is not boring, because as much as I want to close the series, but there's still a fair bit to share :)


  1. buildings n all that, the tunnel catch my attention particularly!

  2. great posting quachee. you have been showing the other side of Shanghai to all of us. places that seldom visited by tourist or tour group. This is an outstandinf post compared to other introduction of shanghai. kudos to you!


  3. Hi quachee thank you for dropping by my blog the other day. Your photo shots convey much more than words can say. It's really beautiful to see different sides of the world. Thank you.

    BTW I'll link your blog to mine. :)

  4. Not boring at all, QC. In fact, thank you for sharing them. I like the picture of the park and the one with the moon at sunset. Very nice.

  5. Agree with Happysurfer. Not boring at all. Pls share some more. And I'll take your posts as reference guide next time I go Shanghai!

  6. I must say that I'm totally blown away by the photos that you took esp People's Square. China is really...amazing! I'm so envious that you can visit these places. Hopefully one day I can collect enough money to visit other country! =/

  7. sounds like you have visited many places in shanghai. excellent shots, qua chee. keep it up.

  8. @levian
    there's actually more lights in the tunnel. different phases of it. really quite nice :)

    thanks so much for the encouraging comment! im glad these posts on shanghai is interesting :)

    thank you. the trip has been awesome, and im glad im able to share it :)

    @happysufer & foongpc
    thank you lots! makes me excited to continue to share hehe! (there's still a few more coming up!) :)

    when u visit there, do remember this park. its really quite deserted and away from the crowd. ill look fwd to your holiday here, which i know u will go someday :)

    thank you. its been a pleasure to be able to share :)

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  10. thanks for ur tips to Shanghai, I enjoyed my recent trip there...cheers!

  11. Shanghai is the largest city in China and is located in the central eastern china. It offers lot many attractions to visit and great things to do.


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