Monday, August 27, 2012

Flam's The Traditional French Pizza!

Last week, me & a few friends had pizza. While I've always thought pizza is more related as an Italian dish, but in downtown KL, there's a restaurant that's proudly French - and with its French pizzas.

This is Flam's.. located in the pub & bar road of Changkat Bukit Bintang!

The restaurant is 2 shop lots - one a restaurant and the other a bar. But both serves the same menu.

We started off with the tomato bruschettas - basically a 'healthy' dish of toasted bread topped with diced tomatoes & herbs.

Next was the country style salad which I loved! This came with bacon, mustard dressing that's not too heavy and topped with the really delicious half boiled egg - cooked to perfection!

Our 1st main dish is the roast chicken - which is rather juicy. Another thumbs up dish!

Finally we had the must try pizzas! We ordered our 2 pizzas that night, trying the chicken & pineapple pizza and also the pepperoni pizza wgich was glazed with egg (ooooo!!).

I guess what makes the pizza stands out is the thin crust - and like the waiter there says "You can easily roll it up to eat it".

I particularly like the chicken & pineapple one more between the 2 though both are nice. Well I've always loved Hawaiian pizzas anyway :)

We finished the dinner with the crème brûlée - which really was  a perfect end to the night!

Overall, this is a cool place to dine. The only drawback - the pricing here is a lil on the high side for some of the dishes.

But then again, if one is on a lil budget.. well, you can always choose what to have here. One can still have just the pizzas and dessert, the pricing is still rather 'yummy' value for money.

A place that I'd love to come back - especially for the pizzas! And probably just to chill when hanging out at Changkat Bukit Bintang!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kpop Song, A Dream Come True & Summer Love: KL! Episode 4!

2 years ago, I had a dream to produce 4 different genre songs and 4 accompanying MTVs.

It's cool how dreams work for that dream is realized this year through Summer Love: KL!.. something which I didn't quite expect for I've never put both the dreams (of song production & producing Summer Love: KL!) together when I was dreaming bout them!

While in the end, we only managed 3 songs, but they are still special. Especially so for this song.. "Me & You".

I still remember clearly that I wrote the lyrics for this song while in Bangkok earlier this year - in the Terminal mall to be exact. And then continuing it while at Bug & Bee Cafe.

It took me a bit of digging in of some sweet memories to get the lyrics out.. And so the song lyrics - like the other 2 songs, are personal too. Looking back, some of the words are rather commonly used by me!! Haha

But there's more to this song than just the lyrics.. well, it's the 1st lyrics for a song that I've ever written.. and it's for a kpop inspired song! Like wow!

Add that with a dance crew performing in the MTV, you get a very satisfied and happy QuaChee!! :D

*Me & You is the 2nd song featured in the Summer Love: KL! series. It's composed by Ben CMX. The dance crew is from Sole To Soul Dance Studio - the studio that I learn dancing from!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Ma Maison Singapore

Bout 2 weeks back, me & buddy went into the island city of Singapore - again. Well, you can say that we kinda needed a break after from the Summer Love: KL! productions. 

It was a simple holiday.. the fact that I've lived 8 years there previously. But this time, I promised myself to get into some holiday mood & see somethings differently. 

I remember my friend  Ben CMX mentioning about this restaurant that he really likes a lot in Singapore. Well, even I have not heard of it before despite having lived in Singapore that long (okay, I wasn't too adventurous then.. ehem ehem!). 

I whatsapp-ed Ben, and asked for the name of the restaurant.. and told Aric that we have to try it! And so we did head to this French-Asian-Hawaiian fusion restaurant - Ma Maison

Entering the restaurant, we are greeted with an array of sumptuous cakes! I knew I had to try some of them, at least! 

We found our table in the midst of a cluttered restaurant. But in a nice & unique way. 

There is a kind of atmosphere in the restaurant. Not sure if it's French inspired? Feels a lil retro. 

I ordered my food - which was a set meal. That means it came with the salad and soup. Bread as well. The soup was delicious, and the bread was well served. They took the effort to warm the breads. A plus point for cafes, and which can even outdo some hotels in this area!

That's Aric's meal. "The spaghetti is nice.. not too dry like some places". He gives the food a 7 out of 10. 

My main course is the hamburger steak (yes, I'm a big fan of hamburgers!). 

The food that arrived was pretty much as per the menu. And like it, it doesn't come with any buns. I love the sunny side up - cooked simply the style I like - half cooked! Eaten with the patty, it was really bliss! Just like the spaghetti, the meat was juicy too. 

Owh, and then I had to top it off with the cake. Was a lil sweet, but I wasn't complaining!

In all, Ma Maison have a satisfied me! Will I be back? Probably yes - not only for the main course and dishes, but to try out the other cakes!!

The outlet we visited is at Bugis Junction. 

*Interestingly, they break their timings into 3 parts:
Lunch 1130am - 230pm
Tea Time 3 to 5pm
Dinner 6 to 10pm (except for Bugis & Parco where dinner starts at 5pm on Sat, Sun & public holidays). 

Their full outlet list as below: 

BUGIS outlet
200 Victoria Street #02-51 Bugis Junction

CENTRAL outlet
6 Eu Tong Sen Street #03-96 The CENTRAL

PARCO outlet
9 Raffles Boulevard PARCO Marina Bay P3-03

9 Raffles Boulevard PARCO Marina Bay P1-27

TONKATSU by Ma Maison
#02-35/36 Mandarin Gallery
Tel:(65) 67334541

Hawaiian Kitchen ALOHA Ma Maison
201 Victoria Street 
#01-12 Bugis+ (formerly iluma)
Tel:(65) 68844471

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Jalan Jalan KL In Summer Love: KL! Episode 3!!

Whenever we have to mention what Summer Love is all about... we say "Summer Love is a college love story. But apart from the love story, we also feature the hidden gems & good hangout places of the destination we shoot in".

That has always been our aim from the very start - embeding tourism into our story. In Episode 2, we have already featured a few cool cafes & makan places, and in Episode 3, we take a step further in promoting the hotspots in KL city!

As you can see in Episode 3, the 'new' couple - Mark & Tiffany travels around the hotspots in the city - from the likes of Chinatown, KL Tower, the Twin Towers, Little India and Petaling Street. While these maybe quite a norm for the locals, but it's aimed to give a glimpse to the tourists on what our city has to offer.

Now, all the 'jalan jalan' is done up 'in the air' through the Hop-On Hop-Off Bus!! Im sure that many KL-ites & PJ-ers will be rather surprised at this fact. So were we when we sat on the bus for the shoot!

The bus goes around the city and stops at all these places. You can hop-off to whichever place you feel like and once you are done, hop-on up again! In between, there is narration about these places - which is pretty useful for the tourists.

But well, here's the best part of it! You can 'jalan jalan' in style - on top of the double decker, in an open air concept.  Hey after all, Malaysia is Summer all year round.. so enjoy the sunshine with it!! :)

*Summer Love: KL! is done together with my partners at Our first destination is Kuala Lumpur, and after that hopes to expand to other cities :)

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Hello Monash Students!

I want to share a nice experience I've had recently!

2 weeks back, I was in invited to give a talk to the exchange students in Monash University.

One of the reason is probably because the students use my book - the 50+1 Malaysia book as a reference in their 'immersion' course here. Well I'd like to say that the other reason is because I'm awesome! (joking!).

Anyway I think Ive traveled enough and also do immerse myself with the Malaysian cultures to be 'authoritative' enough to give the welcoming talk :)

So on that day, I headed to Monash University.. and what did I present? I covered our languages with an emphases on our unique Manglish, our different festivities, our good food, places of interests in both east & west.. from city stuff to nature, including the arts (performing theatres).

I think the students loved the Manglish side a lot - as I showed them how simple our English is. I gave the example:
Why didn't he tell that to me earlier? to
Why he no say?

I also spoke about the lah, the aiyo, the alamak! Under food I covered our must haves like the teh tarik, nasi lemak, roti canai and other food too! Places to travel - there are those like the usual suspects: KL Twin Towers, KL Tower, but also places like Niah Caves, Mt KK, Bukit Cahaya and Skybar (Yea, the view here is awesome!!). I also shared about our theatre venues from Istana Budaya to the 'lesser known' places like KLPac & Actors Studio.

All in all, it's a glimpse for them to our country .. Malaysia! :)

Btw this isn't my 1st talk - but then there's still that happy feeling I get while 'on stage'! :)

And it's nice to share about the country.. for after all it is still a nice place minus the political drama!

Hope I can do more talks soon.. definitely an area Id like to explore further!! :)

*Previously, I've also given talks to UITM and also for another batch of Monash students.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Summer Love: KL!.. The Part With The Sad Song (Remember The Time)

So in the 1st episode, the love story between Ben & Tiffany blossomed. And then, what happened after that? Well, here's what happened next.. in the 2nd video!

Btw, in this video, we also feature the sad song "Remember The Time" - composed by Ben CMX, sung by Kimmie Wong and yea, lyrics written by me (hehe!).

Just to share, we have been going to the recordings quite a fair bit of time for this song.

For one, the sounds from the music instruments are recorded one by one. Plus this is an emo song, so it takes a lil bit more to sing to the right pitch & mood.

But well, it's all here. And we hope you'll like it! :D

*We have learnt from our Video 1 about the sound issues. Hope this 2nd episode is better :D

 *The song in the video is the shortened version for the series :)