Sunday, December 05, 2010

Meeting My (Crazy) Online Khakis

A few weeks back, I met up with my virtual friends for a series of gatherings..

It all started with part of the love bird duo, Caroline, who was coming from Kay Kay (KK) to meet her then virtual boyfriend, Eric. The young cikgu, Erika, was also coming up from Johor.

On the very first nite Erika & Caroline arrived, we had our first makan outing at KTZ SS2. I've met Grey, Adrian and Eric before. But it was my first time meeting the 2 girls - Erika  & Caroline. I was also introduced to Kelvin.

Over dessert, we got to know each other better.. and made a lot of jokes in between as well (like for example the double meanings of 'joystick', 'chocolate starfish' & 'nuts'). Well, the jokes could only happen cos there were some 'innocent' ones in the group!

The 2nd day started off with makan-ing at Tao Japanese Buffet at Sunway Giza. There, the group gets to meet Super Guru (yes, she's a teacher in real life), Submerryn. There's a reason I'm calling her the Super Guru.. you got to read her tweets to get the idea (if she hasn't made it 'private' yet!).

Lunch was super - but I must say, it was the gatherings of the funny & humourous bunch that was more interesting!

If you don't know, you might just think we've been friends for a long time.. when by right, this was only the 3rd time max I've met the group!

We had a few other rounds of makan the next 1-2 days.. going to some of my favourite spots in the Klang Valley - like going to Teeq Rooftop Bar Lot 10, chilling at Kay El's best bar - Skybar, eating hokkien mee at Petaling Street, dim sum-ing at Puchong (with Witch & Lionel), and having chocolate at Theobroma (yeah, what a makan-full journey!).

I must say, that that few days felt like a Jalan Jalan Cari Makan of sorts for me (we really didn't stop eating!).

But apart from the food, this is also memorable because it's the first time I get to know a whole group of friends from the online world. And a crazy one to boot! (see how crazy they are on their tweets, really!). Now, online can only get more interesting! :)

*The missing guy here is FoongPC, who actually is the guy who connected us all at the first place. He went overseas last minute and couldn't join us. But even if he did, we couldn't put his pic up - as he still remains somewhat annonymous with his 'panda' avatar in the online world!


  1. Aww....I love this post of yours very much, QuaChee~ It's very well written. How thoughtful of you~ :))

    Hehe...I agree that although we've only met for the first and a few times, we clicked instantly. What a fun time we had.

    I love each and every one of you guys very much and we should meet up more often, don't you agree? Hehe... :P

    I'm sure we'll not forget these magical words :
    Nachos, Margaritas, Sky Bar, Chocolate Starfish, Joystick, Nuts, etc..
    Boy, my vocabulary sure increase in leaps and bounds over that few days I spent with you guys! Haha! xD

    Overall, it was an incredible meeting with everyone that started virtually on Twitter and turn out beautifully in real life~

    Lots of hugs and kisses~ :))

  2. hahaha so fast hold hands meh? XD loving ma...hahahaha

    eh...thought u gonna post adrian's video but realized it is recorded on his camera...haha

    yea...our gathering was fun and humorous but too bad our cikgu Submerryn only can meet us once..not to mention lionel n witch..

    foong and his sugar mama story? LOL that is still the best topic during that time..haha

  3. Eh what do you mean we made you wake up early? If I'm not mistaken, by the time you reached it was no longer EARLY... LOL! :) But it was a great outing indeed!! I would like to plan another one for Christmas! What say you? :)

  4. HAHAHHHAHA!! just cudnt stop laughing la wei! :p

    u jealous me holding hand with eric? go hold erika's hand, she wont mind one. :p or maybe Grey's ? wakakaka!!

    eh! u d last one to arrived ok?! elelele

  5. anyway, i had great fun wit u guys! :D

    would like to meet n hang out wit u guys again! :D

  6. @_@ why u put my pics staring at the handrolls liddat??!

    Tweet can make private one ah? How come i 'dunno'? hahaha... nevermind.. me very generous, i share with the whole world! my lessons are FREE :D

    yes yes.. go hold hands with some of the tweeps.. i heard Grey has very lovely hands :P

    *u r contented being naked.. hmm... NICE! :D*


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