Monday, December 20, 2010

My First Official Food Review: Vansh @ Starhill

I received an invitation to do a food review recently.. to Vansh, Starhill. Here's my take on this North Indian cuisine restaurant.

The ambience to the restaurant is quite unique. Well, I guess that can be said for most of the restaurants in Starhill.

But even though that is expected but that adds to a pleasant surprise.

Food wise - we were served with the best & recommended dishes from the restaurant.

We started off with the mango lassi (RM17). This was to me quite a must-try at North Indian restaurants, and was looking forward to it. However, the drink wasn't chilled, and that made the taste kinda flat.

The first starter we had was the papadam. It was unusual for it to be shaped similar to that of the 'love letters'. I found it a lil spicy when dipped with the sauces (mint, chilli, raita). But I must say, it was good.

The other interesting starter was the Bombay Pani Puri (RM20). The puffs were crunchy and had that burst of sauce when added with the chilled spice water & sweet tamarind chutney.

They served us platters like the Kebab sampler pattler which was alrite, but not that fantastic, to me.

However, what appealed to me most in the restaurant is their main courses. They are:

Tandoori lamb chop (RM50) - which was well marinated, and the meat cooked just right.

Chicken Tikka Masala (RM35) - which, like the lamb chop, was well marinated. And the meat was uber tender.

And the lamb briyani (RM45).. which was cooked the way briyanis should be (to me, at least).. where the rice and meat is served in one, and the tastes are blended together.

Oh yeah, we also had naans, which were just okay. Except for maybe the Chilli cheese kulzza (RM20) - which is the fresh fluffy bread packed with mild yellow cheddar, piquant chilli and fresh coriander. Maybe it was because it was my first time trying it out.

We also had desserts. I'm a fan of desserts, but never really for North Indian desserts so the Khajooor Kulfi (RM18) -
Homemade frosty flavoured with exotic dates & the Lychee Kulfi (RM18) - Homemade frosty flavoured with exotic lychees didn't impress my taste buds much, though I think maybe for a North Indian cuisine dessert fan, that might work differently.

Overall, I'd rate the restaurant 3.5 out of 5. There are only a few dishes which I really enjoyed even from the Top Recommended menu and I find the price a lil high - but then again, which North Indian restaurant comes in cheap.

Also, while I find the ambience is not too bad, but I think the presentation of the food could be better especially for their deep gravy dishes. This could be a hindrance when we want to dine to impress.

However, saying that, I might still come back again (most likely with only family & close friends) when I'm craving for the lamb chop.

Vansh Starhill Details:
Tel : 603 - 2142 6162
Opening hours :
Mon. - Sun :- 12:00pm - 1:00am


  1. I missed this one.. sobs.. bring me over for lamb steak someday ok :D

  2. all the foods looks yum n tempting! especially the dessert la!! :D

  3. Erm...I got no comments, only lots and lots of saliva this time. *Drooling* Haha! :P

  4. I love north indian food! You're right, they don't come cheap.. I am eyeing at the lamb chop and briyani now. Hungry!!


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