Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Merry Christmas!

I must say that this year is one of the years where I really felt the Xmas mood most.

I've been enjoying this merry season a lot.. starting with the Christmas deco at the malls around Greater Kay El.

christmas pavilion

It all started early November, when I passed by Pavilion, and saw the familiar and beautiful rows of Xmas trees.

christmas pavilion kl

Didn't see the snow like I did last year, but still, the atmosphere is oh-so-cool! (there's like a sense of like being overseas everytime it's Xmas time here).

bsc christmas

I also went to Bangsar Shopping Centre, and I thought the deco at the mall is quite nice.. white red balls in the air... and I especially like the unique Christmas decorations on sale.

christmas candle snowman

christmas dolls

Another mall I went is1 Utama. I thought the deco here is quite impressive with its English style houses. To me, 1 Utama really does well with their deco for every season, and this Christmas season is the same too.

christmas 1 utama

christmas 1 utama celebration erra fazira
I've seen the 1 Utama deco a few times as its the mall I frequent the most, but the other day, I was in for a pleasant surprise. While there with fellow blogger khakis, we bumped into who else, but movie Queen, Erra Fazira. She was there at the concourse to give out festive cheer to some charity body. Now, that's a star :)

sunway christmasThe final mall I visited this year... Sunway Pyramid. Having told so much about Sunway and its awesome Christmas deco, I popped by outside the mall one late night.. just to see its Xmas street. I must say, I wasn't dissapointed. It did very well - and sure exudes the full Xmas mood!

christmas sunway
sunway santa claus
Apart from the merry malls deco, I also enjoyed some get togethers with family, business partners, and friends. But the highlight would most likely be the lunch with my online khakis - yeap, the wacky, crazy and super fun bunch!

christmas gathering online khakis

secret santa
We had this game - Secret Santa, where we are to guess who are our giver (ie Santa). And I actually got my present from the organiser herself, Witch. What a cute tee!

And here, my recipient, Eric, with the book gift I gave. Kinda happy that he actually likes the gift :)

And finally, on Christmas day, I opened my presents from my friends.. It's been so long since I kept them under the Xmas tree just to open them on the merry day - but I'm glad I did it.. the mood is just so right!

christmas tree

The presents overwhelming my mini Xmas tree! haha!

christmas presents
I think the merry mood will continue all the way to the New Year.. and I'm not complaining. Seriously, let the celebrations continue! Hehe...!

To all, here's wishing you guys a MERRY CHRISTMAS! :)

*Btw, I also did a video with my biz partners for Christmas & New Year. Here it is :)


  1. Merry Christmas to u!! :D love the video! :D

  2. Hohoho...Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to both you and your family, QuaChee! :))

    Wah...this year you really did enjoy yourself and get lots of lovely presents shiok! And your mini X-mas tree is so cute!

    Looking back at your success this year, I wish you'll have a greater and more successful year ahead of you in 2011! All the best!

    Cheers! (^_^)v

  3. wooo, you travel for all the xmas deco!
    Funny thing is even though I have been to Mid Valley, and One utama, i did not take photo of myself with Christmas deco lol

  4. Merry Xmas!! With AirAsia now flying to Japan, definitely you will get to go there!!

  5. Wow...good lor. Malacca...all 3 I have covered. LOL :D But nothing to be shout about compared to KL. :D

  6. I only managed to visit Gardens and I wish I can go to the places you have been bro. :)

  7. Merry Christmas!! Wow, long time didn't drop by here oredy haha!!

    Eh, how come this year only feel the Xmas mood? What were you doing previous years? Busy working?

    Oh yeah love the decors at 1Utama too! I also like the one in MidValley, though I think they plagiarised from BSC's decor last year.

    Nice video! Go, go, go!! Go get your condo and travel to Japan! : )

  8. So many presents la! I only had 2 :P Anyway, it's indeed a very festive Xmas for me this year, made the more merry from our Secret Santa outing! We have to make it a yearly affair!


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