Thursday, December 23, 2010

Finally... Im Creating Movies (Well, Videos For Now, Actually)

Well to say that I'm creating movies might be an overstatement. For all I've done so far is just one mini mini clip using the iMovie software.

But well, coming from near ground zero, this to me is one baby step into the world of videography. The main reason I've been postponing to learn about video editing is because its a whole new thing to learn (and that to me is scary).. plus the fact that I do already have my busy hands full at work and other interests.

But then, recently, I made a point to start learning.. Reasons - well, I figured it's time I started to use my Mac for its first reason I bought it, and the fact that it's really about time if I want to go into this industry.. Of course, taking a semi sabbatical in this December allows some free time too. Then, there's Project O&O which I'm involved.. and which provides me a platform to grow in this area.. so it really is about time.

Oh and to add.. the fact that the videos I recorded in my Shanghai trip 2 years back has never been brought to live yet..

So, anyway, last week I started learning what iMovie is all about.. downloaded my movies (yeah, it was still in the video camera!) and started doing some simple editing.

And here's the very first clip I've made. Very amateur-ish, I'd say.. but like I said, it's one baby step into the world of videography for me :)

*Looking back, I'm missing winter in Shanghai!


  1. not bad! :D we know u can do it! ;) n its quite interesting, not planning to start a vlog?? :p

  2. Very neat..I don't think I can come out with. hahaha :D

  3. Hehe....kudos, QuaChee! The video is cool and humourous!

    Keep up the good work! Looking forward to your next videos! :))


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