Thursday, December 16, 2010

Everyone Connects.. With Football & A Cool Website

Have you seen the oh-so-cute advertisement for Everyone Connects?

Well, for those who haven't, here it is..

As you can see at the end of the clip, it says "Connections Make Anything Possible". True, heh? :)

Anyway, this post is not about the ad, but an event by the folks at Everyone Connect who wants to get connected with you, football fans. And to do that, remember to go to the biggest TV screen at Padana Timur PJ this Sunday for the Chelsea vs MU Match.

everyone connects
But also, at the same time, go to the cool interactive website of theirs at Everyone Connects.

everyone connects, the stadium

There are quite a fair bit of things on the website, and you can explore them. But for football enthusiasts (& MU fans), the 2 stops u have to do here is to first visit The Stadium to get the latest news on the team - which else, but MU in this case (the news is updated much more the day before the match starts).

everyone connects stadium
(inside the stadium)

everyone connects kopitiam(at the Kopitiam)

The other one you can do is to go into the Kopitiam, and chat with other football fans (I wonder how it will be when its nearer the match, and rival fans start pouring in hehe).

everyone connects chat
(was a lil slow in capturing this EC resident reply.. basically he said, KL only snows here in EC! haha!)

Apart from the 2 above, the other option is you could also chit chat with the other users real time using your avatar.. you could chat about football.. or... anything else, really (though the response all depends on the other users).

So, what are you waiting for.. football (MU) fans out there? :)


  1. Love the way they promote their brand! Simple & cute! Haha...I thought you don't chat, QuaChee? :P

  2. cute. I wanna have a look. :)


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