Thursday, December 09, 2010

Form 6 Was Cool: I Had A Role Model

As we are now in December and already towards the year's end, I'm taking some time off for me to do some research (some call it soul searching).. the reason is I'd like to see if my actions & things that I do are moving towards my goals & dreams.

To start off, one of the things I'd like to do is to search some background on my idols aka role models. Now the reason is simple.. we admire our idols who in many ways inspire us. Some of us will follow their actions, or some of us will in fact, turn out to be like our idols/ role models ourselves.

I still remember clearly when in Form 6, I took upon a senior as a role model. He was every teacher's dream. Good in studies, above average in sports, great PR skills, and a influential leader. Of course, he did well in school..

I thought that he set a good standard - a lil high of course, but if I could be close to what he is, I'd have made it too. So, that was my goal in Form 6.

And I think I succeeded in that. The goal was real. And it was attainable.

So what I did in that 2 years was to emulate him - not exactly, but on the bigger picture. I joined & held committee positions in some extra curricular activities, managed some events, represented my house in sports (was just shot put, but hey, I'm still proud of it! haha!).. and of course, studied like mad.

But besides achieving my goal, Form 6 turned out to be one of the more memorable years in my schooling years.. and I attribute it to the fact that I had a role model to look up upon.

Well, now that I'm on a different path (ie not schooling & on my entrepreneurship journey), I'm looking for new role models.. role models in the industries that I am in.. I'd say that I've done my research a lil and that will be up in one of the next posts! :)


  1. Two thumbs up for you, QuaChee! I can't wait to read who are your role models are. :))

    Hmmm....I wonder who your Form 6 role model / senior could be? He sure did influence you a lot in becoming successful. I would love to know and meet him someday. :))

  2. Btw, I love and miss Form 6 life - Meliora Hic Sequamur! ;)

  3. I enjoyed my form 6 too. :D Because I think....I played more than I studied. LOL :D


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