Thursday, December 09, 2010

My Role Models, Heroes & Idols

Mentioned the importance of having Role Models to look up to. Here is a list of people whom I admire and why. Some has deceased but to me, they are legends.

And while I may have a hand full of them, some have slightly greater influence & impact on me. They mainly fall in the media industry.

Here they are:

takeshi kaneshiro

1. Takeshi Kaneshiro
Cool, fashionable and am ambassador for big international brands - Biotherm & Armani. He is the face of the modern Asian man.

lee hom

2. Lee Hom
From English speaking, Lee Hom overcame the odds in the East to become one of the more successful singers of this time.. his American influence combined with Eastern outlook is admirable. And his music is pretty cool too!

jay chou

3. Jay Chou
Multi talented - from composing to singing and even directing. His songs are modern yet not too advanced, mixing the very East & some Western influence.. to become simply his (style). The songs are so simple yet catchy.. and they always have a good message behind them as well - now that's the power of influence for a singer ie to share good songs, reach out to the mass and inspire them with meaningful lyrics!

p ramlee

4. Tan Sri P. Ramlee
Being able to touch & reach out to Malaysians of all ages from yesteryears to today through his movies & songs - as an actor, director, singer & composer. No Malaysian has come close to this yet.

steve jobs

5. Steve Jobs
The guy who redefined style and made it a worldwide phenomenon.

mark zuckerberg

6. Mark Zuckerberg
For turning a 'simple' thing big. He understands what his market wants - and keep giving them that.. and he has a big dream, with a good cause. And he makes geeks - cool!

adam lambert

7. Adam Lambert
Talented, entertaining and for having the guts to being true to himself and the world.

lady gaga

8. Lady Gaga
Though may seem wacko in some ways, but knows the right ways to get the right attention.

paulo coelho

9. Paulo Coelho
For being able to write inspiring stories that is fiction but yet seems so real.

jk rowling

10. J. K. Rowling
For overcoming the odds in her hard life, to eventually write a series that became an international bestseller - and with a mega movie series to it. Her creativity and storytelling is simply amazing!

bruce lee

11. Bruce Lee
Simply for making his 'arrogant self' become a big thing - not just in the East but also captivating audiences globally.

upin & ipin

12. Upin & Ipin
Most probably Malaysia's most famous personality, showing the true essence of the Malaysia Boleh (Malaysia Can) spirit - and that everything is really possible.. to the point that nationality is not a hindrance to achieving success.

walt disney

13. Walt Disney
For making animation magical & inspiring.. and so big. That's touching lives in a big way! Plus to have a magical-wonderland.. who would have thought of that?

oprah winfrey

14. Oprah Winfrey
From humble background to empowering others, touching & inspiring lives. Plus being such a power of influence - anyone she recommends seem to be an instant hit. Oh and the fact that her media business expands beyond the TV program into radio, publishing and soon her own network.

simon cowell

15. Simon Cowell
Straight & blunt - being his true self.. yet making money out of it, and helping others along the way too.

steven spielberg

16. Steven Spielberg
For simply being one of the world's greatest Director, of all time. His name is way bigger than the stars in his movies.

elvis presley

17. Elvis Presley
From acting to singing, he was a world sensation, marked closest only by Michael Jackson (and maybe Beatles).


  1. u knw who i luurrvvee best on your list?

  2. Takeshi is one from my list! Last time when i was a teenager, i admire Aaron kwok! hehehe, shorty huh?

  3. I think Jay Chou and Steve Jobs are really inspiring...but my idols have always been my parents. :)

  4. Takeshi Kaneshiro reminds me of fufu! Whereas Bruce Lee reminds me of you. :D

    Walt Disney, Oprah, Lady Gaga, Upin Ipin, Jay Chou, Lim Goh Tong, etc and my parents are my favourite role models too.

    Love them all~ :))


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