Saturday, January 03, 2009

Shanghai Holiday Updates

Here's some updates on my Shanghai holiday.

After coming back from Wuzhen, I've actually stayed in 3 different hotels (the first one was the 'good deal' one).

Shanghai Hotels
This 3rd hotel is really good - its clean, nice, everything a budget tourist would ask for... and am making it my hotel throughout the rest of the trip.

The only thing I didn't know about this hotel is that it has a small window... so, I've actually been sleeping 3 nights with the window opened - no wonder it's so cold! That got me sick today.

shanghai metroBy the way this hotel is within walking distance to the metro (Shanghai's train service). And so now I save quite a fair bit of moneys as I avoid taking cabs, but use the metro instead, which by the way is super convenient.

Shanghai Shopping
In fact, my station is on one of the main lines (Line 2) which goes to the very popular tourists stops.

shanghai nanjing road, shoppingLike this famous shopping road, Nanjing Road East. But rather than going there again (which I went on the first day before I went to Hangzhou), I somehow don't have the feeling to go back there.

shanghai nanjing road mallHowever, I must admit, I still do go to other malls and do try to shop, though I can't seem to buy much.... because:
1. I'm not feeling very well (from the cold weather at night)
2. China is having a long 4 day holidays - and the crowd is out!
3. it's mostly winter wear
4. I find it too troublesome to try clothes with my cameras

shanghai raffles city shopping5. the malls here are way too big to shop! (even this Raffles City here is 7 stories, and this ain't the biggest!)

Shanghai Sightseeing

shanghai jing an templeAnd it's also because of the crowd that I avoided visiting one of the few temples in Shanghai - the Jing An temple. I only took a photo from outside as there was a long queue waiting to enter. Apparently many queue up to ring the bell this New Year.

shanghai people parkHowever, I did visit the park in the heart of the city. I actually passed the People's Park because I wanted to go to another venue.

shanghai art museumBut before I could go there, I passed the Shanghai Art Meseum, and thought I'll give a visit. I'm really not a museum fan... and had an 'ok' time in the museum (admission 20 yuan).

shanghai urban planning exhibition hallBut what I really wanted to visit was actually the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, which showed the city's past, present, and future - and with an emphasis on the World Expo 2010 and its new mega structures coming up (admission 30 yuan).

This was a good insight for me to understand Shanghai's city business perspective though I think it's way too much information - 7 stories!

Shanghai Food
The one thing I do enjoy (& have been indulging) here in Shanghai is indeed the food. This metropolitan city has lots to offer with food from the world over.

shanghai dessertI particularly like the dessert cafes here. And with my wish for cold food in this cold weather, I've had these a fair bit! :)

shanghai snack foodLooks familiar? Yes, this roti canai/ roti prata can be found here. This is served as a finger food snack - takeaway! I quite enjoy this and had it twice!

But wait till you see this:
shanghai fruitsI was smiling when I saw the durian between the many fruits. I didn't buy that, but I did buy some fair bit of kam quat oranges.

Well, I only have 2 more nights here. That's not much time left. I've never thought there's so much to see in a city.... but this big city really do have a lot more to do! (there's still 3 places I'd like to go!) :)


  1. Wow.. So nice.. I haven't been outside Malaysia, except Phuket T__T

  2. walao eh, China now really very modern n rich leh~ very nice la all the building~

  3. Very eye-opening pics indeed! :)

    Do take care there ok? It's not good to fall sick in a foreign place. =/

  4. Hah, got durians there. Nice clean city. Very well developed place with many skyscrapers!

  5. Hi, may I know the name and location of this 3rd hotel that you wrote in this blog entry?

    I would love to know more as I'll be going to Shanghai soon and I'm seeking for accomodation. Thanks alot!

  6. @ah lost
    malaysia is a beautiful country and we are so blessed to have so many places to visit! i think how much we travel also cant finish malaysia! :)

    btw what kind of things interests you - city life or nature? once in a while, the airlines got promo - good to check out, as its really inexpensive :)

    @bb community
    ya, in my opinion, i think shanghai is like the current city to be in asia (or at least top 3!)

    thanks for your wishes. ya, its bad to fall sick overseas. luckily im going back tomorrow, and feeling better now :)

    ya, shanghai really don't play play! its so modern - many huge buildings... to me, shanghai is like the blueprint of china, where everything is possible! :)

    its called Le Tour Traveler's Rest. ill be putting up the pics of this Shanghai hotel in the next few days :)

  7. and i miss the way they hang their clothes on bamboo pole... above the walkway, on the windows... or anywhere they like!

  8. @zbjernak
    thats quite a sight heh. so contrasting to their mega city image! :)

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  10. Never knew Shanghai is such a beautiful city! How did you travel to Shanghai? Did you plan your own flight and hotel or via holiday packages? I am planning to go and found some good deals on travel.insing and i'm wondering whether I should take it!

  11. one stop living place in shanghai, can i know detail address of hotel..?


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