Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It's all about the concept

I have been talking about business to one of my friends - and he has kept on mentioning about how businesses are build on a concept.

At first I didn't pay too much attention to his words. But later, as I continue to notice the successful companies around, I realised that so many businesses are build on a strong idea and theme.

Companies that are big - like the global MNCs or even the SMEs that are making waves all have a simple concept that can be exported/ expand. Even the cartoons and movies have unique ideas with interesting characters that is liked by the audience.

Some call these the unique selling point. Whatever it is, I think the idea and concept is important. And I do hope that the businesses Im building have something special too :)

Friday, June 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Malaysia Video

This video which I created was previewed at the Launch of The Malaysia Page Dot Com. Hope you like it and in a way inspired :)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wonders A Break Can Do!

Im fully amazed with what a break could do! It has been weeks of planning and working tirelessly... and I think I was just fully burnt out (head, body & heart!).

It was rather a rare & odd decision to take a day off yesterday... to just rest & relax. Aniway, I decided it is best to take a break to rejuvenate myself. Hence, I just did that (though I did surf the net and found a new gadget which I may place on The Malaysia Page Dot Com.. haha).

Really, what a pleasant surprise to make that decision of taking the day off. Today, I feel energised again. And now I can go back and work efficiently :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Welcoming You To Malaysia 2007

During the speech of Datuk Dr Victor Wee, he ended it with 4 phrases which caught my attention... and Im sure also the attention of the guests.

These were the same 4 phrases which was written in the Message by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia, Tengku Adnan b. Tengku Mansor in the Special Editon of Batik Inspirations.

"The Time Is Now".

"The Place Is Malaysia".

"Malaysia Truly Asia".

"Malaysia Welcomes The World".

Very nicely worded - to truly welcome the world to Malaysia :) hotels destination link

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Inauguration of The Malaysia Page Dot Com - Guests

Wonderful friends - the batik designers

Friends from the media

Me being interviewed by NST. Interestingly, they are from NY and Philippines. Selamat Datang! :)

A side show planned by Equatorial Hotel, giving the event a slight Malaysian touch.

Inauguration of The Malaysia Page Dot Com - Departure of Guest of Honour

Inauguration of The Malaysia Page Dot Com - Ceremony

Cutting of the ribbon by Datuk Dr Victor Wee, with the rest of distinguished guests.

Datuk Dr Victor holding the souvenir mug from us, with all smiles :)

Inauguration of The Malaysia Page Dot Com

Datuk Dr. Victor Wee giving his speech. It is nice to be able to get the support from the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia. Now it's our turn to make this site work well :)

We planned the digital signing instead of the usual plaque as this is after all a Digital idea :)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Inauguration of The Malaysia Page Dot Com - Arrival of Guest of Honour

Arrival of Guest of Honour, Datuk Dr Victor Wee, Secretary General, Ministry of Tourism Malaysia

Datuk Dr Victor Wee with big smiles as he arrives.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Let's Celebrate!

The Official Inauguration of The Malaysia Page will be held on 14 June 2007! Though I've done a few other events/ press conferences... but this event will be the largest I've done yet :)

After a month odd of preparations... and now with invitation list finalised, door gifts prepared, location & f&b settled, it's time to just wait for the Big Celebrations Day! haha.

Wish me the best... !:)

*Flo Lobby Lounge, Equatorial Hotel, 1030am - 1pm.
Guest of Honour Datuk Dr Victor Wee, Secretary General, Ministry of Tourism Malaysia

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Thinking Of The Sweet Memories

Been very busy and exhausted the past few days. The organising of the Launch of The Malaysia Page and co-ordinating the whole site do take quite a lot of time and effort... (just like any other project) and it do get me a lil exhausted.

Somehow tired, but I tried to focus and think of something inspiring.. and I got this: just like the Batik Inspirations book, I too was very tired from productions to promotions.. but if I can humbly say, it's due to the hardwork that now it is being paid off :)

And that is a sweet memory which I am applying here - that again, there is hardwork, but Im sure it will eventually pay off someway or rather. And I definitely would like to share it with you guys sometime soon :) Just thinking of that do sounds refershing & takes off the tiredness! :)

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Giving Our Best

The initial idea of The Malaysia Page is very simple - a site to Congratulate Malaysia. Well, the main objective hasn't changed, but I've added many side frills which will be implemented in coming weeks.

The aim - to give users and sponsors/ advertisers more for what they bargain. Some of these additions are after some night of thinking haha.

Well anyway, it's just a philosophy for me to just give the Best I could, if it makes others happy :)

Friday, June 01, 2007

One Golden Celebration

Have you heard the song - One Golden Celebration - the song for Visit Malaysia Year 2007?

Love the song for its wonderful melody, inspiring lyrics... so soothing and high spirit! With a lil fusion of traditional music, this songs leaves anyone who listened to this music inspired... whether Malaysian or overseas.

In a way, I must say this music inspires me to create The Malaysia Page... ahh, so beautiful :)

PS: visit The Malaysia Page to listen to music or watch the video :)