Thursday, May 08, 2008

I'm Dreaming...

You know how it feels rite when you are in a project, which at times there don't seem to be any light at the end of it? And the mind wonders on other things instead?

I know I'm on a tight deadline, but my mind just keeps wondering... dreaming away...

1. The new web project
I know this is sinful - before completing one, my mind is already drifting to the other project! haha. You know how the mind thinks that the grass is always greener on the other side...

Like how web based business is less of a project basis but an ongoing project and all it takes is editing and changing... seems easier than doing a project (like publishing) where each book is a new challenge. (it always seem easy/ easier until we jump into it haha).

2. Learning other skills
It always seem not-enough time. I know this self made belief... but hey, when you are in a project, the mind just seem to shut off other things.

There don't seem to be enough time to do anything else like picking up new computer skills or a new language (need to learn how to read-write Mandarin).. you know doing things which require time!

3. Loosing Weight
This project has taken so much sitting down and mind work rather than physical work which I think is bad for health (don't include going up to KL as a physical work heh).

And when stressed, I tend to eat more.. so, I'm dreaming of the completion of this so that I can start loosing weight again! (on a sidetrack, I heard people who are stressed eat less and loose weight instead - hmm, I wish I'm like that - then I don't mind all the stress!)

4. Auditions
I've been rejecting auditions including Christein's Life Is Good because of time factor.

movie audition
See the roles there? :)

Of course, I'm not sure if I'll get the role anyway, but to travel to KL & back seems like a lot of time especially at this crunch period.

So, if I have time, I can actually go for more auditions especially in KL! (somehow, I find KL has a lot of movies & auditions - again, is the grass greener on the other side?)

5. And Most of All... A Vacation!
It has been 6 months now that I've been desk bound. Now that's a long time for a travel bug like me!

I've been dreaming of this beach holiday... you know, the clear blue sky, wide blue sea... me lazing on the white sandy beach (and I mean fine white sand), sipping away the coconut as the sea breeze gently blow across the face. Postcard perfect!

beach holiday, krabi, thailand
Lazing at the beach - Krabi!

Actually, there have been so many promos that have come & went, and I didn't even take any... just dreaming haha!

Anyway, it's only about 10 days more or so for me to rush this work of mine... the 50+1 book has to be out soon :)

And then, I'm free! (to live the dreams!) But now, let's get back to work! :)


  1. wow, seem lots of things to do? err...or may be just lots of things to dream of? haha

    now most people said that time no enough, so all plans in pending mode; when got time to run the plans, found that money no enough, so the plans still in pending mode...:p

  2. hope to hear soon abt the outcome of yr auditions. to lose weight is sometimes not necessary. are u sure u need to?

  3. ohhh... new book coming out wor.. hehehehe
    wat izit about?

  4. It depends though, some people eat more to release tension and stress..therefore putting on more weight.

    Anyway good luck in your project.

  5. heya amei79

    i alwiz seem like wanna do so many things haha. but apart from the web project, these are mainly leisure + ongoing learning :)

    but agree, sometimes its money no enough other times its time no enough lol!

  6. beng beng
    need to a bit. the past few months has been so stressful - gained a fair bit lol

  7. hi teddy

    yes, its on the way alrite! :) its been ongoing since months now - have blogged a bit about them, but here's one link
    Book Cover. Maybe you can gimme a suggestion here as well :)

  8. hey apple thanks for yr wishes.

    btw ike yr avatar haha - im talking to a superhero.

  9. hey i think it should be DEADLINE, not DATELINE :)

  10. hey haan

    thanks for pointing out the error.have ammended :)

    on a sidetrack, wish english can change it to dateline - sounds better haha!

  11. Hi QC, time is always scarce when we most need it, innit?

    Btw, the link in item 1 leads to nowhere, certainly not to Krabi (yet). lol

  12. hi HappySurfer

    Thanks for pointing it out. haha - must be too busy! :)

  13. hi there...good to see that you are busy with so many things but do take time to de-stress...
    BTW, i'm off to Krabi in a day's time...:P

  14. wow, have fun! and blog bout it when ur back! :)

  15. QuaChee,
    Keep persevering and I am sure your dreams will come true. Having a dream is better than none.

    Oh yes, I have tagged you on on a great meme. Do come by as soon as you have a chance.

  16. hi jesie

    thank you for the tag :) will do so soon - after this busy week - its my final lap for the book! :)


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