Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pasar Malam

If you are Malaysian, you'll definitely been to a pasar malam (night market). Well, in my hometown, Malacca, most of the night markets are usually like evening markets (starting about early evening 5pm and lasts till about 7 or 8pm). So I prefer to call them like pasar petang (evening markets).

A few weeks ago, I was back in Malacca and went to a night market that I've never been to before. Anyway, I love going to the pasar malams, and would be eager to tag along if I'm free or like some would say nothing better to do, so when my family member asked me, I took that opportunity for an evening stroll.

I find the night markets in Malaysia very colourful & full of life. For me, it is always very exciting to just be soaked in the atmosphere. Especially that it is only held once a week!

There are the fresh produce of fruits everywhere.

pasar malam, fruits - apple, orange, pear
The apples & oranges

Sometimes, I wonder, we eat these fruits as if they are grown in our backyard :)

And there is our local favourites.

pasar malam fruit - mango
One of my favourite fruits - the mango

There are also the vegetables - which looks just as colourful - just see the colours below!

pasar malam, chilly, tomato
The bright red chillies & tomatoes

Really, the vegetables are not all green :)

pasar malam - vegetables
A bunch of colourful vegetables

There were also raw fish but there were a few flies around so I didn't take that photo.

And next come the round of cooked on the spot food. As this is a smaller pasar malam, there weren't that much available, but here the best 2 that is offered.

pasar malam, pancake
The pancakes

The unmistakable Ramly burger being cooked

Well, it was a short & small pasar malam, and I finished walking in about less than 20 mins to half an hour (including buying the pancake & burger) :)

Next time, I'll share more pasar malam goodies that we know of - the fried carrot cakes & more food in my other pasar malam trips! :)


  1. i was wondering where is your favorite pasar malam in malaccca?

    it was pretty hard to find good "ho chien" oyster omelet...any suggestions?

  2. I haven't been to one in ages. Probably time to revisit.

    I love the pancakes especially the thin crispy ones. Yum!! Ready-to-go Ramly burgers. Interesting! I'm more familiar with the ones that we have to wait while they cook. Like I said, I haven't been to a pasar malam in a while so probably we do have them ready-cooked too.

    Dalicia's mention of 'oh chien' reminds me of the famous one in Muar. Have you been to Muar?

  3. Ah. I really miss pancakes a lot! Gosh.

  4. hi dalicia

    the very popular fried oysters are at bunga raya - malacca's chinatown :)

    on pasar malams, i like all of them, as they are usually kinda different. but i havent really gone to many tho - usually the same few. the biggest one is at kg lapan on tuesdays :)

  5. hey happysurfer

    oh ya, i also like the ones freshly cooked on the spot :) sometimes they do this if they are popular tho. but see how cheap or reasonable the price is :)

    oh muar ive eaten the asam fish haha. always get lost there. where is the good o-cean there? :)

  6. hey Silverisle

    oh im sure u do - cant get it there in aus ya? hehe. hint - if u start one there, ull be rich! :)

  7. hi 宝茹

    ramly burger is our local burger in malaysia - it is a very x3 popular burger where you can get it nearly everywhere from night markets to road stalls, anytime of the day.

    its a brand like mcd but much cheaper and only burger (beef or chicken) :)

  8. i would eat mangoes from my own back yard, actually my mangoes are 1st class :)

  9. waaa
    RM10 for selonggok man!! cHeAP!!!

  10. The best o'chean is at Jalan Haji Abu, I think it's called. This is the main makan street in Muar. It's downtown.

    You can get otak-otak here too and lots of other yummy food. Oh dear, and I'm hungry now. lol

  11. if you got the chance, go visit the one at main square, SS2 on Monday nite, Sri Petaling one on Tue nite, Connaught one on Wed nite, Chow Yang, ss2 on Thursday nite, Leisure Mall, Cheras on Friday nite... they r juz fantastic !

  12. i can't help loving the chillies !! firstly, they are red. (red is awesome !! :P) secondly, they are the best spices one ever needed. *drools*

  13. wow, bengbeng, that one steady lah. u really get to enjoy the type of mango u want as it was planted by u :) (we use to have it too at our old house)

  14. hey teddy

    i didnt even looked at the price till u mentioned. lol. guess i was busy photographing! but i do love mangoes alrite :)

  15. hi happysurfer,

    ok, ill go check it out soon - maybe put that as one of my mini trips since its so near malacca haha.

    u sure know muar quite well - relatives there? :)

  16. hi pikey

    i act been to the ss2 one - dunno which day tho. haha. but ill go again! :)

  17. hey levian,

    wow, u r a spicy lover too! u must be quite some cili padi! :)

  18. the best thing msia had trained me, is in eating spicy food. it rocks !! XD


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