Monday, October 19, 2009


Roughly about 2 hours drive or so from Manila, lies a rather serene and quiet holiday destination - the hill resort of Tagaytay.

tagaytay wild cat coffee
The journey south was fun in some ways, especially when stopping at the shops along the way - amongst the many is this Maria's Coffee 2 Go shop.

maria wild cat coffee
This shop was recommended by some friends - for its famed wild cat coffee at reasonable prices (for those of you who are new - apparently, the wild cat coffee comes from the dumps of these wild cats who eat only the best coffee berries! - yes, you read it right!).

tagaytay fruit
Nearby the shop lies a row of shops selling fresh fruits - all big & juicy! (just look at the jackfruit!)

tagaytay crabs
And if that wasn't enough - came a seller selling some very fresh big crabs at very decent prices.

tagaytay jeepney
Then the journey continues to the view point where one has the option to change to the jeepney and take a ride to the top hill.

tagaytay view
A short ride (less than 5 minutes) and then one gets to see the view of Tagaytay city.

tagaytay fog
Was supposed to be able to see the Taal lake as well, but the fog was thick... but I wasn't complaining! haha. The weather was cold & chill - and really cool (pun intended) when the wind blew!

leslie-restaurant-tagaytayThen came lunch at one of the most famous/ popular must-try restaurants in Tagaytay (and maybe even the Philippines) - Leslie's. The restaurant was packed, lovely ambience and good music (now, that's Philippines!).

tagaytay leslie restaurant
All of the food was yummy and tasty especially the bulalo (Filipino stew with bone marrows). It was like trying the best of the Philippines food there!

leslie restaurant taal lake
Another draw for the restaurant - the view of Taal Lake & valcano... and that was just picturesque, ending the trip on a high :)

*Apparently, one can also visit the Taal valcano - crossing the lake by boat and go horse riding to the top! I think I'll be back for that next time!


  1. Hi Q,
    What is the elevation of the mountain? Looks good!
    Is there fried squids on the Top left photos of your foods? That must be delicious! Yummy!
    Seems like you visit Philippine very often...:)
    Take care! :)

  2. Awww....what a beautiful place to be huh! The view of Taal Lake is simply stunning!

  3. wow this is truly one of the best destinations and one of your best pics, really enjoyed the pics. the food look so delicious yummy! I will surely be going back to Philippines and it

  4. Wow!!! Nice pics and good food. You must have a great time :)


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