Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Bit About The Cast... Michelle S. Ng

Allow me to introduce the 2nd cast of The BIG Bibik & The Little Nyonyas Cookshow - Michelle S. Ng (who plays Na Na).

michelle ng little nyonyaMichelle was the 2nd Little Nyonya to be casted - and she hails from the Lion City, Singapore.

Though still a student (she studies in Republic Poly), Michelle already has quite a fair bit of things under her belt. An actress (& model at times - she prefers acting way more), Michelle was initially casted for a fourth role in the show. But things changed and she was soon the next Little Nyonya.

michelle ng as little nyonyaThough we would have loved to made her play the role she was casted for (thinks she fits the garang/ fierce girl), but she did fit as one of The Little Nyonyas too.

michelle ngAnd that is the interesting part of Michelle - she can look very different by different styles - something we got to find out... from pretty girl next door to...

michelle ngand...

michelle ng s factorThis if not wrong, is her in the S Factor Competition - a reality TV show in Singapore searching for the Sweet, Sexy & Smart woman.

michelle ng big bibik little nyonyasMichelle has set her dream on Hollywood. Like she says - "My passion is to act. My dream is to be successful in it and actually earn a living out of it".

Well with her strong determination & passion (& not to mention good looks), she might just be the next big thing from the island! Go & make Singapore & Asia proud! :)

michelle, quachee
*Michelle says she can cook too - we have yet to try haha.


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