Friday, October 02, 2009

Boracay Island Hopping!

What is island holiday without island hopping, right? I learnt bout this while 'island-ing' the past few trips.. and obviously, I did it in Boracay too!

boracay bulabog beachAll the island hoppers first gathered at the Bulabog beach - the beach at the opposite side of the island from White Beach. The sea was much more calm here.

boracay coconutThe island hopping activities were similar in most cases - like the name says 'island hopping'! There was the usual snorkeling activities in the deep blue sea, which always fascinates me. And after the snorkeling, there was the coconuts which came right from a seller from another boat.

One different activity however - was to try reef walking for the first time... where we put on the astronout like glass cover, then go down into the sea and then start walking - under the sea! Yes, with fishes swimming around (give them bread & they will come!). That was one unique experience! For a while, you can just imagine it's like in the movie haha!

boracay island hopping lunchTime flew (very fast when having fun) and after all the activities, it was time to head to one of the smaller nearby islands for some lunch...

boracay island hopping...that came with a fantastic view!

boracay island hopping break beachAnd to top it up, with good home cooked food! (simple yet yummy!)

boracay island hopping lunchbreakI don't mind having lunch here everyday...

boracay island hopping beachAnyway, a bit more of this little island... I saw some roosters who the villages said were being trained for cock fights. Ah, the nice feeling of being in a village... :)

boracay island hopping caveAnd then I had the option to visit this bat cave on the island. A short walk uphill and there was the cave with its stalagmite & stalactite. However, I didn't go in - not so much a cave lover when you have the sea not far away!

Anyway by then, it was already early evening and time to head back to the hotel... with beautiful pictures and wonderful memories.

*There's still much more of Philippines to come!


  1. Wow! Reef-walking looks so cool. No picture of the fishes down there?

    Awesome pictures, QC. The sotong soup looks so yummy! Hot and sourish, right? Is that sotong or some exotic food of the island? haha..

    Great! Thanks for sharing the experience. Yep, it certainly is nice to go back to village environment after all that concrete jungle life, eh?

  2. Reef walking? That's interesting! have never tried it before.

  3. Huh? Reef-walking? You mean walk besides the reef is it? I have heard about it before. :p Hopefully you guys didn't destroy any ya. :p

  4. hey sounds very cool:) and the pics too so so beautiful, i bet you really enjoyed boracay so much....hmmm i feel like going back too

  5. do u have a camera case where you can take pics under the water? underwater pics would b like 'awesome' This resort looks just the right place for a short holiday. I am the type who would enjoy myself there very much :)

  6. Hi there Quachee, nice story on Boracay. Thanks for sharing as I have been planning a trip there for a while now. After seeing your pictures, it somehow made me look my schedule.

    Malaysia Asia

  7. The pictures gave me a tour, truly Boracay is the best spot for vacation and island hopping. No wonder why tourists like to choose the place, because aside from its white sand, we could also experience cool adventures and have a calming vacation.

  8. Boracay Resorts Philippines is full of beauty and magnificent view truly it will give you something to remember and to cherish.


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