Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Singapore Memories: Very Funny Singaporeans!

More Singapore memories on the way, and here's some very funny Singaporeans! These can make u laugh, maybe even more than Phua Chu Kang!

1. Dick Lee: The Mad Chinaman

Talented composer, Dick Lee, is quite a household name not only in the island city... he also composes songs for many top singers in the region including some Malaysian singers.

But back home, apart from being famous for his role as one of the Singapore Idol judge, he is also known for his funny yet very rah-rah songs, which are mainly adaptations from local Malaysian folk songs (that's what he says).

2. Hossan Leong: Under One Roof Boy To Funny Stand Up Comedian

He is Chinese but admits to speak French way more fluently. If one remembers Under One Roof, well, that's the son of the family of 4. Now more 'grown up', Hossan has since gone into being a DJ and also acting in theatre - including stand up comedies.

Like many other stand up comedians & theatre shows, Hossan pokes fun at Singapore! (now Singapore is not so strict after all!).

3. Kumar: What Else Should I Say?

Kumar, is stand up comedian to Singapore's theatre scene, just like the Merlion to Singapore tourism. He used to perform in the Boom Boom Room but now, if you are lucky, you'll see him perform in your dinner functions in Singapore! (that is if your bosses don't mind his type of jokes that is!).

*Btw in one of Kumar's videos, he kutuk Malaysia... but I forgive you, Kumar, for you mean no harm, correct or not? But I can't say the same for the rest of the Malaysians! :)

*I have always thought that Singapore theatre is lively - and better than their other media forms. Other notable funny Singaporeans in the theatre scene include Dim Sum Dollies & Sebastian Tan (as Singapore's Ah Beng)!


  1. QC, hey, thanks for highlighting these Sgp talents otherwise we (Malaysians) would have no/little knowledge of them. I've seen Kumar in a tourism documentary once. He's pretty entertaining.

    How are you, man? Hope KL is treating you well..

  2. I remember watching quite alot of hossan's sitcom/program last time. and i think Q-mar is really really hilarious! quite a few of singaporean local movies bashed singaporean government too, and i think singaporean govt is actually a lot more open than ours

  3. @happysurfer
    wow u sure are updated with singapore a fair bit :)

    kl - so far its been great! ill share more bout my life here soon :)

    have u heard of comedy court? :)

  4. I have watched the Kumar one. Hahaha :D

  5. I like Dick Lee! He composed songs for Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical and they were great! Even bought the CD! Haha!

    Hossan Leong is sooooo funny! Oh, I think he's the King in Chang & Eng The Musical. His voice not bad!

    Kumar? Not very familiar with him. I'm more familiar with our very own funny and outrageous comedianne, Joanne Kam Poh Poh : )


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