Monday, January 04, 2010

The ABCs For Biz & Life

It's the start of 2010, and here's some quotes for you to start the New Year with:

1. A is for Attitude.
The future is in our hands, or more so, in our attitude.

2. Make your partner look good - all the time.
Glorify your partner. Make him/ her look good, and you will too.

3. Think what will the audience take away?
Always think what you want to achieve when presenting something... what is in for the audience?

4. Story is glory!
Everything needs a story. What's yours?

5. Make it so good, they'll have to want it!
Put your passion, heart & soul into what you are doing, and it will have its rewards!

*These quotes came from a conference I attended recently - and though it's an animation conference, but still the principles can be applied in life.


  1. hello kuaci...thanks for visiting today...happy new year to you too ")

  2. Thanks for sharing these quotes! : )

  3. Sounds like you are getting better and better Quachee. :)


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