Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bao Bao Pan Mee

Pan mee, pan mee, and more pan mee. That's what I've noticed here in the Klang Valley. I used to think it's hokkien mee with KL, but now, I'm thinking that the king of noodles is the pan mee.

Anyway, that's not a bad thing - for really, the dry pan mee is really good here! While the soupy ban mian (pan mee) rules in Singapore, but nothing beats the super dry (chili) pan mee here in the Klang Valley!

bao bao pan meeSo goes my search for the best pan mee in the Klang Valley... and the first stop: Aman Suria (Petaling Jaya).

bao bao pan mee opening hoursTo be honest, this wasn't my initial stop. I was told that Aman Suria had this very popular Cha Cha pan mee. And I had wanted to try - but alas, it closes early (9pm)... Alamak!

But just like the saying goes, when one door closes, another door opens.
Walk a few doors down, and low & behold, there is another pan mee restaurant!

bao bao special dry pan meeI was recommended the Special Dry Pan Mee - with the flat noodles. Now, I've tried a few pan mees in town to know what a pan mee should taste like -
smooth noodles & delicious ingredients that make you 'slurp'.

But somehow, this special pan mee don't seem to have that same effect, and I must admit I was a lil dissapointed.

bao bao pan mee garlicBut all is not lost here. A friend ordered the Garlic Pan Mee (thin noodles)... and when it came, it sure had that pan mee look. The ingredients were right - the dry chili, the ikan bilis (anchovies) & minced pork. And true enough,
this pan mee tasted good, just like what pan mee is meant to be!

With the Garlic Pan Mee (and I must repeat - the thin noodles) as the saviour, this restaurant sure is a good try if you are looking to chomp on some yummy noodles - even if it's after 9!

bao bao pan mee chiliBtw, if you are a chili fan & always want to cook your own pan mee at home, you can take away their special sauce & dry chili... now, you too can cook some pan mee!


  1. I like the dry style chilli pan mee somewhere in Jalan Raja Laut. Don't know the name of the restaurant but the noodles were very tasty.

  2. I love pan mee too!!

    Try Kin Kee Chilli Pan Mee. :D


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