Saturday, January 09, 2010

Choose To Be Amazing!

Read an inspiring article: 10 Tips For A Better Year.
It's a simple article yet very inspiring, and a great way to keep the momentum of this New Year going.

Here is tip no 10:

amazing life
"Make a commitment to yourself each morning that you will have an amazing day. This might include trying some of these tips like reading your 'attitude'to-do list, focusing on your health, eliminating time robbers or finding more VIPs in your life.

Remember life is not a dress rehearsal - you only get one performance, so give it your best". Neen James, productivity expert, author, speaker, trainer & consultant.

Now, mornings don't have to be blue anymore! :)

The other 9 tips are:
1. Set realistic goals
2. Focus on your health
3. Invest your development
4. Know your priorities
5. Eliminate time robbers
6. Surround yourself with VIPs
7. Make time for those you care for
8. Plan your next holiday
9. Create an 'attitude' to-do list

*VIPs here means Very Inspiring People!


  1. Surely these tips serve to remind us to be more effective and productive. :) I wish I can set and execute my goals accordingly too.

    Anyway have a great day bro.

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    Is that average?

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  3. Well said, QuaChee!

    Luckily you mention what VIP is. I used to think VIP stands for Very Idiotic People! LOL!

  4. So you're a VIP too, as you inspire you readers...

  5. VIPs....hehe... You got me there!

    Nice shot of the twin towers, esp with the candy cotton clouds looming above them.


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