Friday, January 22, 2010

Petaling Street Roast Duck!

"Do you like to eat duck? If you like, I'll bring you to one shop in Petaling Street...
all my friends love it
!," so my friend says.

kl best duck
Well, ever since I've tried the duck in HK, I've been on a search for a good duck back home. So obviously, I was game!

"Remember, you've got to go early... cause it finishes fast!"

petaling street duckI didn't go there super early - but sometime around noon, and was relieved that the stall was still opened & the ducks still available!

And luckily too that the morning crowd at the ever busy Petaling Street was not too busy that day (well not yet maybe).

petaling street duck sze ngan chyeIt's just a small stall, but one can know that this is the stall to buy from... with people just coming & going with packet-full of ducks! (they only serve take-away, no dine ins).

petaling street roast duckSo, I've got my duck and it was time to find out - how good is this popular roasted duck of Petaling Street?

My friend who introduced mentions:
"it's meaty... that's why it's nice".

And from the look of my other friends who ate the duck, it showed that the duck was yummy (though they didn't comment much - busy eating i guess? haha).

On my side, I agree with my friend... it sure is one meaty duck, and that makes the big difference. It's definitely one of the better ducks here in the Klang Valley though I must admit that it still loses out to the HK duck I tried.

But still, I'll be back for more!


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