Monday, August 25, 2014

I'm A Winner!

I'm a Winner! Oh yes, I am. And I wanna share to the world bout it! Haha!

I know it sounds boastful.. but hey, don't get me wrong.

It's just me being full of excitement and all.. and well the need to share it out :)

First off, I got first placed for Domino's Pizza Bear-A-Selfie contest! It's not often that I join contests, and I haven't won much from them either.

But when I saw this bear contest by Dominos.. I knew I had to join! (a bear has got to do what a bear has got to do!).

I submitted a few entries for this (including the ones where I went for the WorldCup Viewing Party). But minus those submitted on that day... I had 2 other entries.

One was taken when I bought the pizza and the football bear merchandise.

The other, I again bought the pizza. Got it delivered.. and then got my make-up artist friend, Konji, to help me out with the make-up. It took a good 2 hours plus for this to be done (make-up plus photography - oh yes we took many shots!).. but I'm happy with the results!

And hooray cos the judges like it too! And so.. I won the 1st prize of 1 year supply of XTRA Large Pizza!!!

The 2nd "win" I'd like to share is... well, I've been interviewed by Men's UNO for the 2nd time. This time round, it's a feature under the segment -  Modern IT Geeks!

Managed to capture a pic from the shoot, though I think this will not be used in the feature. 

The feature will be out in September. Call that a birthday gift! Oh, I can't wait! :)

Now, the 3rd "win".... is well, I got a new job. And guess what... it's not in KL but in Shenzhen, China instead!

The confirmation of the job and all is pretty fast, and in less than 1 week, I'll be moving once again to a new place altogether (I was previously based in Singapore for 8 years). 

More about the attraction about moving abroad and the new job in the coming posts. But for now, these are just some of the stuffs that makes me feel... like a real Winner! (humming to the song "I believe I can fly"...).

*My 1st Men's UNO feature can be read here: Oh Wow, I'm In Men's UNO Top 20 KL-ites!

*Read about my move from Singapore to KL in 2009 (Oh yes, I've been in KL for 5 years!)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Taiwanese Hot Dog/ Sausage

I was in Taipei recently - like after a draught of no travels in 10 months!

I must say the whole trip was super fun! I'll probably share about the trip in some other day.

But this time round, I wanna share about the Taiwan sausage.. which the Taiwanese use the term "hot dog".

You can say that I was rather "amused" with the "hot dogs" there. There's just so much varieties, and it comes in many shapes and sizes! And the one I liked most - is the one with cheese!!

Oh well just for fun.. I did 2 videos out of it (pardon the messy hair!).

Thursday, August 14, 2014

5 Reasons To Send Gifts From Giftblob


Let’s admit it. We love receiving them.

But like the saying goes.. the joy is also in the giving!

However, don’t we think it’s really difficult when it comes to buying gifts? But well.. a new app, Giftblob, aims to solve that gift-ing issue.

Here are 5 reasons to use Giftblob.

1. Wide selection
At point of writing, there are currently 5 main categories to choose from - Coffee & Treats, Dining, Shopping, Momento and His & Hers. There’s also an additonal section Feeling Lucky.

I personally like the Coffee & Treats section for they have brands like Haagen Dazs and Royce!

2. Virtual or Physical gifts

Usually most online gifts tend to virtual gifts, but Giftblob allows both. It has gift vouchers but at the same time, users can also send physical products like flowers which will be delivered to the recipient. I think this will come in really handy during festive season.. especially Valentine’s!

3. Many options for payment

Apart from credit card payment, Giftblob also allow users to do bank transfer. I know some of my friends who prefer this - so kudos!

4. Easy sign-up

Honestly, signing up for a new account for each new app/ website can be a hassle. This app cuts the hassle, and sign-up is done through the Facebook account (you do have a FB account, don’t you? :)

5. Send gifts to anyone

I was concerned about this at first - especially for friends without the app.

Well, this is actually what happens. When a user sends the gift, his/ her recipient will be notified through the app - if he/ she is a user. But even if he/ she isn’t, she will still be notified through a FB message (to request to download the app).

Oh and the cool part - Giftblob shows your friends with the latest birthdays first! So you don’t need to forget another birthday!

Okay so there goes. Gifting made easy :)

*More info on the app and download links at . Giftblob can be used for both iPhone & Android!

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Brickfields Goreng Pisang And Nian Gao (Kuih Bakul)

Nian gao (or call it kuih bakul). Usually, I have them during the Chinese New Year. But then, I found this really good stall in Brickfields and well.. you can say, I've had my fair share of it all year round. 

This is a simple stall located opposite of YMCA and operates during the day. I usually go here during the afternoons.

And depending on luck, it can get crowded at times. And the queues can be long. So much so that you have to wait for 20-30 minutes for a fresh batch to be cooked. 

The owner, Mr Chiam and his son operates this stall and sells not just the nian gao but also other fried snacks. 

Nian gao all prepared and ready to be fried

While prices has gone up over the years, but it's still rather reasonable... after all, the price to pay for probably one of the best (if not the best) nian gao in KL!

The other food I like from here much is the also must-try pisang goreng (fried banana fritters). The flour makes the bananas rather crispy yet the inside is still fresh. It's always a good combination with the nian gao!

If you are in Brickfields, or the surroundings (eg KL Sentral), and looking for a good afternoon snack... look no further. I bet you will be like me... always coming back for more!

*Mr. Chiam Pisang Goreng/ Nian Gao
Opposite YMCA
Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 012 6172511
Business hours: 1230pm - 6pm