Monday, September 29, 2008

Hari Raya Bazaar

hari raya kuih

The raya mood is on. Despite the price increase and the economic slowdown, but when it comes to this period of the year, the mood is usually cheery (well, that's how I feel anyway :) ).

But before the exodus of balik kampung rush starts, I had the opportunity to take one last walk in a mini raya bazaar... which was at the ground floor of a HDB in Singapore.

I've always been asked questions on how raya is celebrated in Singapore... and let me tell you, it is just as meriah (merry), no doubt!

Yes, I know, it's not the same like celebrating in the kampung, but I think the Singaporeans have made do with celebrations in their city... and a colourful one as well, introducing me to some new food I've not heard of.

hari raya kuih
Colourful kuihs & desserts - for buka puasa, though it's open to the public as well. Have you heard of air som som?

hari raya air katira
One unique drink I found is this - air katira. Is it also sold in Malaysia? Family member loves it!

hari raya seri melaka
The name Melaka becomes all the glam this Raya season! And add that with Seri/ Sri in the front!

hari raya karipap curry puff
Such a huge karipap (curry puff)!

hari raya pancake
More interesting food - some unique pancakes.

hari raya roti john
These are more familiar - the roti john.

hari raya nasi tomato
And finally, the nasi tomato (tomato rice) - which comes in beef & chicken. I bought this and it was good!

hari raya nasi tomato
Served by this smiling lady... makes the food all the more sweet & yummy! :)

hari raya wish
To all my kawan kawan yang beraya, including blogger khakis - Amir Fuad, Adila, Faisal Admar, & Noor Ashraaf, here's wishing you a safe journey home & a wonderful Hari Raya! ~ Salam daripada QuaChee! :)

To the rest of the Malaysians & Singaporeans, let's have a 'feast' (can't wait to try the rendang!) & a good break! hehe

*These raya bazaars are held once a year, on the round up to Hari Raya. I think this is similar to those in Malaysia :)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Growing An Entrepreneur

Recently, I've been attending a few events related to my businesses - events related to IT to film, music, books and tourism.

These events allow me to meet many people in the related industries... listening to their visions & ideas, understanding their struggles, but most of all getting advise and expanding the mindset.

One of the many things I've learnt (through one of the forums) is:
To Differentiate Being Entrepreneur & Enterprise

The gist is basically that an entrepreneur needs to think big enough to be able to grow the company so that his presence is not needed 101% in everything. In other words, the company should be distinct from the entrepreneur eventually.

Opening The Mind
Though this is not entirely new to me, but there was one thing that caught my attention. And though I very much believe in achieving the idea of 4 Hour Work Week, but, I've also included this in my vision for the business... and do believe these 2 ideas work hand-in-hand.

The Interesting Part

The interesting part about this is actually the idea on how a company can grow bigger & faster... and to eventually distinct itself from the founder.

The answer - to pool huge resources from others (eg. from VCs - venture capitalists, or to being listed).

What Makes This Idea Seem New

My company has taken things on a more conservative approach to growth... moving from project to project on a slower pace to reduce the risks involve, only moving forward (with confidence) once a project is in the black.

And I believe many other young entrepreneurs (and even many SMEs) do the same... & in a way, do not really expand much/ fast.

But if this is to change (ie by having more resources), there is much more room for trials, tests... and eventually even success!

Take an example that I've highlighted to some friends - many listed companies who seem 'big' from their names actually have many divisions which are not yet making profits.

They have entered in many deals, or created many new divisions, some of which are test beds. But they manage to do so in a big and a branded way because of the deeper pockets, while the idea (compared to others) remains roughly the same.

So really, what sets them apart is the huge backing they have.

The Learning Points
Well, what I've learned & I think fellow SMEs and entrepreneurs (and even some big corporations) should take note is: rather than focusing purely on the short term bottom line for each project which can be a hindrance to growth, instead, look at the bigger picture and try to build a steadier ground. This may not make profit at the start, but when it does, it will reap far greater rewards & the pace of expansion faster.

This brings us back to how to grow big - that we (especially the entrepreneurs) should have an open mindset in seeking VCs & other possible means to see our ideas through - and making sure that costs for R&D and other operating costs are 'in good hands'.

Basically, we need to move fast(er) to grow, learning to 'let go', and to pool resources.

And with a responsible entrepreneurial spirit, I'm certain that our ideas will come to birth eventually - in a big way, serving more people globally... the way we vision all the while :)

*Entrepreneurs in this article refers to visionaries who want to see a global outreach for their businesses.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Malaysia Book Update 18: Galaxie Review

malaysia book review

One more review came up for the 50+1 Malaysia book. Rather positive as well :)

Thank you Galaxie!

*This appeared in the September 16-30 issue.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Miss Hua

miss hua faces

While on the hunt for some graphic designs (for the 50+1 Love segments), I've came across one particular cartoon character which caught my eye.

It is a Chinese character (yes, from the Shanghai's 50s) that is now 'living' in Malaysia.

Well, let me introduce to you, Miss Hua.

miss hua

As the creator, Jay Lim, mentions, Miss Hua has the typical Shanghai lady look - from the squinted eyes, straight hair and fit with a cheongsam every time.

But don't expect to see Miss Hua as a shy lady. Already from the posters above, one can note that Miss Hua is expressive, a party goer and loves the limelight.

And that is what caught my eye - a cartoon character with 'character'!

More Than Character
But beyond the character, what I also like about Jay's work is the blend of the background details which is rather eye catching... and which fits in well, complimenting rather than overshadowing Miss Hua.

You can see from his works that there are lots of motifs behind in each poster, but yet, the star is very much Miss Hua herself.

Invitation Feature
miss hua, i love malaysia
Inspired by it, I actually contacted Jay and asks if he would like to feature Miss Hua on the 50+1 Malaysia book. And he actually came out with a poster just for it with the title, non other than "I Love Malaysia!".

*Just see the coconut trees behind, making it truly Malaysia.

The Idea
Malaysian designer, Jay mentions that the idea behind Miss Hua came about just to push himself further as a graphic designer. Wanting to express himself to the world, he somehow came out with the sketch in November 2007.

Preferring to work behind the scenes, Jay relates well to the character where she takes all the glory... but at the same time it is through her that he shares about "beauty, nature, his culture and where he belong".

Where To Find Her
miss hua badge
There is a bigger vision to get Miss Hua into a fashion line in the future. As for now, Miss Hua is slowing making her presence felt - and can now be seen in many items from t-shirts to badges & postcards (sold online at The Kraft Store).

Jay also participates in related events & feature Miss Hua in the press as well, usually drawing Miss Hua in posters specially for the magazine.

Miss Hua For You
miss hua postcard
Well some good news. For those of you who would like to get the Miss Hua postcard set (of 6 postcards), simply send feedbacks (comments) on what you like on Miss Hua or in any case, any areas you think Miss Hua can improve.

...all this to the benefit of the designer, Jay, to make see this Shanghai lady go global!

3 best answers selected by Jay himself will each receive one set of his postcards. Competition ends 8 October 2008! :)

*To Jay, congratulations & all the best in your works... and am looking forward to seeing more of this Shanghai lady! :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

F1 Singapore

It's just a few days away when the world will witness one of the greatest night event of all time - the F1 Singapore!

Lion city Singapore is one of the many Asian cities that have vied to play host to the Formula One racing... but with a sharp twist!

First, it's not setting up a new race track, but instead the likes of Mclaren, Ferrari, Renault and the rest will be fighting their points on the city's roads!

But doing that would be a copy of the F1 Monaco... something that needs to be 'addressed', at least. (Hey, who likes to be a copycat, anyway?)

And that is not the only thing that is taken into account, but also to ensure that the globe will focus on this 'red dot'.

So what better way (& I must say is a simply brilliant idea!) than to have a Night Race - or as they say, the First Night Race in F1 history! It's like killing 3 birds with 1 stone - showcasing the vibrant city scape, getting the world's full attention by catering to the Western viewing time and to being the first nation/ city to have a Night Grand Prix!

And I got a feel of the excitement a few days early...

Well, despite having passed the very same roads, but passing by them just the other day gave a totally different feel... especially more so when it is all walled up getting prepared for the big day.

f1 singapore circuit
No ERP! (lol)

*For those from overseas, ERP are similar to automated toll charges to ensure smooth flow of traffic.

f1 circuit singapore track
Connaught Drive - one of the more picturesque roads the F1 racing cars will zoom by

This is a beautiful area of the colonial part of Singapore... with well preserved buildings & architecture.

f1 singapore
The cars will also zoom by the bridge

f1 singapore grandstand
One of the many grandstands - the Padang Grandstand

Again, this is a beautiful view - which has the old court building as the background. This place is already one of the more photographable sites in Singapore by locals & foreigners.

f1 singapore grandstand
Behind the Padang grandstand is the padang (field) & the famous 5 towers of Suntec

Apart from these areas, the cars will be passing by many other great Singapore iconic structures in its 'playground centre' at Marina Bay - like the durian shaped Esplanade and the world's largest observation wheel, the Singapore Flyer.

All these, will sure give the image that Singapore wants to portray to the world - a fun, hip & happening city buzzing throughout the day... & night!

So, let the race begin!

*Some may complain that overtaking maybe difficult in city circuits like the one in Monaco. I do hope that this is addressed in the Singapore's circuit.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Kampung Food

Being at the outskirt of Malacca town, lies this 'hidden gem'. I say this because I just found out about it on my outing in the kampung just recently.

This restaurant by the seaside was a refreshing difference from the usual hawker fare or restaurants in the cities/ towns.

kampung food, ikan bakar
Like any other ikan bakar (baked fish) restaurant, customers are first greeted with the variety of fish & other seafood to choose.

We didn't choose any but instead brought our own which we just bought from a nearby stall selling all the catch of the day.

But we asked the owner whether they can cook our 'catch of the day' - and they agreed.

kampung food, restaurant, seaview
Walking further in, one is greeted with wide seaview. There are many tables around with good space.

It was just nice as it was sun set time.

kampung food satay
Apart from the live seafood & ikan bakar, one can also choose to order the local delicacy - satay at one of the stalls in the restaurant.

A good mix of local food!

kampung food satay, ketupat
It doesn't take that long for the food to arrive. First come the satay, the ketupat & the thick peanut sauce kuah!

kampung food ikan bakar
Then a while later, comes the nicely wrapped ikan bakar with its 2 different sauces.

kampung food ikan bakar
The ikan bakar is cooked with lots of chillies.

kampung food, baked sotong squid
We have also bought sotongs to be cooked - in a rather similar baked style.

kampung food, kangkung
And having all local kampung food, it must come with the kangkung!

And with that, dinner is ready!

kampung food restaurant, coconut tree

I enjoyed this dinner - the satay was good. The baked fish was not too bad either. My only feedback is that the sotong/ squid could have been cleaned a bit better.

But overall, it was an enjoyable evening, having the sunset view while dining under the coconut tree!

*This may not really be the 'authentic' kampung food, but I call it so because I ate it in this kampung in the outskirts of Malacca town.

*For those interested, this restaurant is somewhere along the Tanjung Kling beach, which is a few minutes drive from Klebang.

Friday, September 19, 2008


It's been a while since I've taken a stroll at the kampungs. So, just the other day, I took some time off and took a not too far away drive to visit a kampung and its surroundings.

kampung, cow
The first welcome is the cows on the road walking freely. The sights of vehicles do not bother them.

kampung, mosque
Not too far away, the old mosque, with the Melaka style architecture. The atmosphere around is queit and peaceful.

kampung, bus stop
The image of the bus stop. If not wrong, this is also unique to Melaka architecture. Reminds me of the times I had to take the bus in school.

kampung, kampung house
The wooden house in full green. I've seen a few of these kampung houses. And usually they come in the colour of green. Looks simple and at the same time looks cosy.

kampung, beach
Further along the kampung, is my favourite - the beach. It's the best time to visit the beach - during the sunset. I thought this pic looks cool - can be mistaken for an oveseas pic!

kampung, fisherman boat
And along the beach, the many fishermen's boats lined up nicely, after their catch of the day.

This journey through the kampung really makes one go - 'no need to go far far' (for holidays). Sometimes, these simple things in our very own country - like this kampung Malaysia can be an attraction itself :)

Coming up next, a feast at one of the gerai (eateries) in the kampung!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Malaysia Day

september 16, malaysia day

Malaysia has already officially celebrated its 50+1 (51st) National Day/ Merdeka this 31 August.

But another important date for Malaysia is this 16 September - also known as Malaysia Day - the day when Peninsula Malaysia, Sabah, Sarawak & Singapore come together as one nation in 1963 (Singapore has since become independent from 1965).

There are lots of debates about this special day - from whether Malaysia should declare it as a national public holiday to whether Malaysia is really 51 years old.

I'm not taking sides, but would just like to wish all Malaysians a Happy Malaysia Day :)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Seeing It Differently

This conversation is inspired by a discussion with a blogger friend which brought back some memories.

Some of you would know that I'm half the time based in Lion City, Singapore, while the other half the time in my beloved country, Malaysia.

The Singapore Dream
When I first came to Singapore years back, it was out of 'living the Singapore Dream' (I like to also call it the Nanyang Dream). Just like people going to USA for the American Dream, I, like many of my peers went over to Singapore to further our education.

Now, it's not that Malaysia didn't offer us the courses we wanted or the universities we applied. But it was an opportunity to see another country (though it's just a causeway away and border to neighbouring Malaysia), be in a different system, and to open up the opportunities.

You know the modern & clean city image Singapore portrays really enticed me. Prior to that, I've always admired the city state during my holiday trips there. I mean, close as we are, it is quite a different city/ country altogether. And just by being different, it gives space for admiration.

A Different Singapore
But lo & behold, settling down there initially was a big difference. Gone were the images of the cool & admirable nation I had. Instead, it was an image of kiasu, rude and even fake encounters. And with the back of the mind that "Malaysia's food so much better".

Even whenever I was brought to see the good things the country offered, I had in the back of my mind "Malaysia also got mah.. in fact, bigger". This got to a point where some closer Singaporean friends commented "Why are you so against here?".

These thoughts may have been started because the image portrayed was quite different from the living experience. Being no more a tourist, I was seeing the 'real Singapore' that are not in the tourist brochures.

And this thought of "Malaysia better", "my country's better" etc went on for years. And to make things worse, I have had some other Malaysian friends who shared the same sentiments. And negative with negative, don't make a positive here. In fact, it just makes it far worse.

'A Paradigm Shift'
Then one day, something changed my mind. I somehow decided that if I had to stay in Singapore (like many students we have to fulfill the bond), well, I better make it a good one.

And the one way to make it good is to first, have a clear mind - on neutral ground about the country. It would definitely be difficult to start off positively but neutral ground seems perfect. And that means 'throwing' the old negative mindset.

That was like an overnight decision. And in fact, the results came quite overnight as well. From there onwards, though I still do encounter some unpleasant people, but I now have seen a better side of the people & the city. The encounters with fellow Singaporeans have been more positive then before.

From 'Don't Quite Like' to 'Not Bad' and now 'Hey, It's Good!'.
And with the change of mindset, I can now fully appreciate what the country is doing - on the international platform and at the same time for its people... like the F1, the integrated resorts, the Singapore Flyer, revamp of Orchared Road, the Esplanade & the opening up of the Entertainment/ Arts industry, CPF, etc... So much so that there are times when I'm more positive about the country than my fellow Singaporean friends (and the occasional expats/ foreigners).

Business wise, this has helped me as well - in terms of working with associates to having a rather affluent market, and even with Singapore as a good business platform (Singapore is ranked no. 1 for ease of doing business for small business).

It's The Mindset
In conclusion, what I'm actually trying to share is that the opening of mindset is crucial in our everyday lives. I've taken my experience in living in Singapore as a way of how the change of mindset can bring positive results.

And now, I'm back at seeing Singapore as it once was through my eyes.

*I continuously still need to apply this positive outlook in work, business and even in my trips to overseas. But, it really helps having this in the back of my mind.

Thursday, September 11, 2008



It's the time of the year to indulge once again (actually it seems like there's always a reason to indulge all year round huh).

Anyway, it's one of my favourite times of the year, as one of my most craved food - the mooncakes are here! Hooray to the Mid Autumn Festival/ Mooncake Festival! (Lantern Festival?).

mooncake, raffles mooncake

I remember last time when younger, I was all into the lian yong mooncakes. Well, they are still nice and I do chump on them as well.

But ever since I was introduced to the champagne snow skin moooncakes, they somehow are no. 1 on my taste buds now.

So while every year, I do buy the lian yong mooncakes, I do also make sure I get this most 'prized' mooncake - yes, the famous Raffles Hotel mooncakes!


Prices have somewhat gone up this year, and the mooncakes are now pricier (the priciest ever) - we are talking about $6 for a small piece or so.

But like many mooncake lovers, I must still get some ('die die must try!)... yes, queue or no queue! (haha, I know this sounds kinda kiasu).

mooncake, champagne

I was 'worried' I wouldn't be able to try the mooncakes this time round as I've been traveling a bit... but, lucky me - as a few days back I managed to sinfully indulge in the round cakes.

And yes, it tastes just like what I expected - soft texture, melt in your mouth, and simply delicious.

Another round? :)

*The champagne mooncakes may look plain from the outside, but don't be fooled for within it, this mooncake is simply delicious! And my family agrees too. In fact, one of my Malaysian friend even asks about it... ! (really, it is quite popular).

*The Mid Autumn Festival has a special place within me as well, not just because of mooncakes, but because during uni, I was in the play on the Mooncake story - yes, playing non other than Chang Er! lol.

Btw, any of you cook your own mooncakes? :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy Sad Song

I was driving on my way back from Cyberjaya. Usually on the way back, I on the radio and listen to some music to keep me awake & also to hear all the buzz on air, including maybe some latest songs.

Then I heard this song by songstress Mariah Carey. It's not a super recent song, but well rather new and they were playing it on air.

All the while when I heard this song, I thought it had a happy feel to it. Without even listening to the lyrics, but just the tune, I thought it was rather upbeat.

But because I had a mini course over the weekend by a musician friend who taught me about 'major' & 'minor' in song composition, hence I paid attention to the lyrics.

Then, I realised that it is such a sad song, filled with emotions. I couldn't believed what I listened as it was quite a contradiction to what I thought the song was about (ie happiness).

Simply by me now listening to the lyrics, this song sure stirs the emotions... it made some flashbacks in the mind. See if it does for you...

Here are the lyrics & the video.

Bye Bye - Mariah

This is for my peoples who just lost somebody
Your best friend, your baby, your man, or your lady
Put your hand way up high
We will never say bye (no, no, no)
Mamas, daddies, sisters, brothers, friends and cousins
This is for my peoples who lost their grandmothers
Lift your head to the sky 'cause we will never say bye

As a child there were them times
I didn't get it but you kept me in line
I didn't know why you didn't show up sometimes
On Sunday mornings, and I missed you
But I'm glad we talked through
All them grown folk things
Separation brings
You never let me know it
You never let it show because
You loved me and obviously
There's so much more left to say
If you were with me today face to face

I never knew I could hurt like this
And everyday life goes on like
"I wish I could talk to you for awhile"
Miss you but I try not to cry
As time goes by
And soon as you reach a better place
Still I'd give the world to see your face
And I'm right here next to you
But it's like you're gone too soon
Now the hardest thing to do is say bye bye

(Bye Bye [3x])
Bye bye

And you never got the chance to see how good I've done
And you never got to see me back at number one
I wish that you were here to celebrate together
I wish that we could spend the holidays together

I remember when you used to tuck me in at night
With the Teddy Bear you gave to me that I held so tight
I thought you were so strong
You'd make it through whatever
It's so hard to accept the fact you're gone forever


(bye bye bye bye bye bye [3x])
Bye bye

This is for my peoples who just lost somebody
Your best friend, your baby, your man, or your lady
Put your hand way up high
We will never say bye (no, no, no)
Mamas, daddies, sisters, brothers, friends and cousins
This is for my peoples who lost their grandmothers
Lift your head to the sky 'cause we will never say bye


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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Malaysia Book Update 17: More Press Reviews

I've mentioned that getting reviews are a blessing.

Well, in the month of August, just when the book is out, we've had 3 main reviews.

malaysia book review, the edge financial daily

Actually, the first review was in The Edge Financial Daily (by Grace Chin). The journalist actually called me up to have an interview while I was in Jakarta. Of course, it was a pleasant call, and she handled the interview well.

In fact, the questions she asked took some deep thinking & reflection. It was good questions posed to find answers on the company's vision.

I still remember she asking me "Why call yourself a Dreamer Entrepreneur?"... Well because not all entrepreneurs are dreamers.. and who continue to work on the goals, despite all the challenges faced. I remember also saying that many would just quit especially being in this 'difficult' industry - mentioned even by the local industry players.

But I see a potential in it. And I know that globally it's huge. That's why I carry on... continue working on this 'hard dream'.
malaysia book review, the star

Then next up was The Star interview by Kee Hua Chee. This went pretty easy and I need not explain much. And as I mentioned before, I really salute The Star for being so supportive of Malaysian works!

Another relatively easy interview was done by Lam Yuet, Sin Chew. This appeared in the Merdeka Special segment, on yes, Merdeka Day! How nice :)

malaysia book review, sin chew

Though I like talking about my works in interviews, but simple interviews are also nice... for if I can humbly put it, the works speaks for itself. :)

To all 3 journalists and the press, many thanks for recognising this work of ours. It gives much encouragement to continue with my works, works for the nation, & to pursue this dream to succeed in the book industry :)

Monday, September 08, 2008

Raya Singapore

Every month during the fasting month, the streets of Changi Road, Geylang Road & Sims Ave are well decorated with tents being put up along both sides of the roads.

raya, geylang serai, singapore

And it is also this time of the year, that I would go down to soak in the Raya atmosphere. To me, this really is the 'mother of all pasar malams' as it is really huge and have lots of things to see, buy & eat!

raya, singapore, geylang serai, crowd
Just look at the crowd - 'happening - lah'

Clothes/ Baju
This is a good place especially for our Muslim friends to get their baju Raya (Raya clothes). Prices are reasonable, and there is quite a fair bit of varieties.

raya, singapore, geylang serai, baju kurung
The baju kurungs for the ladies

raya, singapore, geylang serai, baju kebaya
There are also the many baju kebayas... though this year seems to be a lil less compared to last time when kebayas were at its peak

Of course, for the ladies, there are more than just bajus, like accessories from purses, handbags and even brooches & necklaces.

raya, singapore, geylang serai,accessories
Accessories to go well with the baju kurungs & baju kebayas

Well, while the ladies have their wide things to choose from, the men also have a fair choice.

raya, singapore, geylang serai, baju melayu
The baju Melayu for the men

raya, singapore, geylang serai, songkok
Of course, it goes well with a new songkok

Apart from the traditional dresses, there are also many other 'modern day' clothes (not that the traditional clothes aren't) - like jerseys.

raya, singapore, geylang serai, jersey
Choose your favourite football team jersey!

And the one for all...
raya, singapore, geylang serai, slippers
Wow, really that many slippers! And this is just one of the many stalls having only slippers & shoes

Well the one thing I like most about this bazaar is its wide array of food, some of which is close to heart!

raya, singapore, geylang serai, ramly burger
My no. 1 pasar malam food - yes, the burger Ramly! (btw, see how focus this seller is! Tentu sedap! (For sure nice one!)

There are also my other favourite, the bbq chicken wings.

raya, singapore, geylang serai, chicken wing
The lady obliged with a photo - just see how many wings she has!

raya, singapore, geylang serai, bbq chicken wing
Another chicken wing seller... "Ah boleh, boleh, boleh... ambik-lah" (Ah, can, can, can... take-lah) when asked to take photo. They must be thinking where I come from.

raya, singapore, geylang serai, coconuts
The coconuts - refreshing after a walkabout in this busy bazaar

raya, singapore, geylang serai, yiu tiao
There is also this yiu tiao which I've yet to try... maybe the next time round

raya, singapore, geylang serai, otah
And also one of Singapore's pasar malam more common foods - the otah

More Food!
Apart from the fresh cooked food, there is also some food which we can takeaway.

raya, singapore, geylang serai, kuih raya
Manalah raya tanpa kuih raya kan (Where lah got raya without raya cookies). hehe... plus some kacang putih

raya, singapore, geylang serai, red dates
The rather popular red dates!

Apart from food & clothes, the one other thing one can buy to make a happy raya include:

raya, singapore, geylang serai, plants
Decorative plants to spruce up the home for visiting guests

raya, singapore, geylang serai, carpets
To add comfort & ambiance, one can get the carpets

raya, singapore, geylang serai, cars
And yes, even cars... See, only S$7/ day, can own car already!

After a round of indulgence, it's time to head home. But, the crowd has just begun.

*Nearest MRT station - Paya Lebar. From there, it's just 2 minutes away.

*Apparently, the prices have 'harga runtuh' (drop down prices?) during the eve of Hari Raya. There are many good bargains especially the carpets. But expect a huge crowd!

*1st Day of Hari Raya is a Public Holiday in Singapore.

Oh one more thing, to all Muslim friends all over, Selamat Bulan Ramadhan :)