Monday, September 01, 2008

Malaysia Book Update 16: The Star Review

Photo that appeared in the review

Our first few reviews for the 50+1 Malaysia book are out in the press. And one of them is featured in Malaysia's very own leading English daily, The Star's Weekender (issue 30 August 2008).

How timely it was for Merdeka... and a pleasant surprise for me. I was on the plane reading the main section of the papers (the Nation segment) when my friend showed me the review page.

It's quite nice to get review by the press. This already is like a small pat on the back... and a double pat when the reviewer finds it good.

I'm glad the reviewer, Kee Hua Chee, find the book interesting enough (whew!).

An excerpt:
A Cute Swing-about
A cute, nifty, handbag-friendly new book has hit the market in time for our 51st Merdeka. Smartly called 50+1.Malaysia, the book is an ode to the nation...

The book is perfect as a present for foreign friends or Malaysian students who have stayed away too long.

Full review here.

Truly, it made my day... and one thing on the review that made me think a lil is this sentence:
"Well, this is Quachee’s party..."

Never had I thought it's my party, but now that the writer wrote it, I guess it is in a way... as the book do come a fair bit from my direction.

In fact, all the while during the compilation of the book, I felt happy - this was even pointed out by some contributors. So, I think it's quite cool to link it to a party :)

Thanks, Hua Chee & The Star! Really I'm glad to be reviewed by The Star once again (the first from my previous book). To The Star, you truly are The People's Paper, supporting many Malaysian works! :)

*There is also a review on 50+1 Malaysia by The Edge Daily & Sin Chew (Merdeka issue). Will share on these soon.

*BookmarQC is actually my company's new project (in the process). And QC here actually represents my company Q.Ce :)


  1. Haha! Now you are so dominating! I'm surprised to see yo feature in The Star too. COngrates man! Your efforts is paying off. Kudos! =)

  2. now onli i kno ur book is small small wan
    i thot it is as big is the fon directory type.. hahha
    pocket style book seems cool can bring along go kaikai..

    ohyea, i got a post about malaysia.. c if u like it.. :P

  3. i read about you in sinchew jit poh too! awesome quachee!

  4. quachee, i've written a post about the 50+1 blogger contest and submitted to your malaysia page liao. here again my URL:
    I hope to win the book!

  5. hi quachee, so sorry to say, i haven't got the time to read it in details and make a review (as promised). but i put it on the office table. a lot of people will come and flip through it :)

    however, u've done a very good job. congrats!

  6. Hi,congratulations! You are doing a good work. Keep it up.
    So sorry about your request. Only today I noticed. God Bless.

  7. yay! congrats~ kudos!
    would there be 50+2 next year?

  8. anyway u look good in the least i think it is u hahahahah

  9. Vinnie~

    Saw your article in the newspaper, was telling dad and mom. We took out the article too :-)

    Congrats couz~

  10. Congrats QuaChee!!! I also heard the book being promoted twice on Hitz Fm if I'm not mistaken woo hoo!! :):):)

  11. Quachee, I've submitted my 50+1 post d. Muahahaha! Hopefully I can be 1 of the lucky winners. =)

  12. Quachee thanks for approving my post entries. Ha =) By the way, where are you right now? Vietnam?

  13. Congrats to you! With write-ups from The Star and other newspapers, your lovely book will be more widely promoted, as it should.

  14. Hi quachee congrats to your achievement. you sure look good in the picture :)

  15. Hey , thanks for dropping by my blog :)
    And congratualtions on the +ve reviews you are getting for your book

  16. hi all

    many thanks for the congratulations :) for those participating in the contest, thank you too :)

    @adila, no, there wont be a 50+2, but remains 50+1 throughout :)

  17. Is that u, quachee? u look like an artiste.. haha.. good publicity for u.. yeah, thanks to the papers.. hip hip hooray for..!

  18. Hey, Congratulations! To have Kee Hua Chee reviewing your book is awesome. Good for you, QC. I'm happy for you.

  19. Hey QuaChee! Thanks for dropping by my place :)

    Congrats on the book! So, where to get it? Can get diskaun ah... and maybe your autograph too... hehehe


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