Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Kampung Food

Being at the outskirt of Malacca town, lies this 'hidden gem'. I say this because I just found out about it on my outing in the kampung just recently.

This restaurant by the seaside was a refreshing difference from the usual hawker fare or restaurants in the cities/ towns.

kampung food, ikan bakar
Like any other ikan bakar (baked fish) restaurant, customers are first greeted with the variety of fish & other seafood to choose.

We didn't choose any but instead brought our own which we just bought from a nearby stall selling all the catch of the day.

But we asked the owner whether they can cook our 'catch of the day' - and they agreed.

kampung food, restaurant, seaview
Walking further in, one is greeted with wide seaview. There are many tables around with good space.

It was just nice as it was sun set time.

kampung food satay
Apart from the live seafood & ikan bakar, one can also choose to order the local delicacy - satay at one of the stalls in the restaurant.

A good mix of local food!

kampung food satay, ketupat
It doesn't take that long for the food to arrive. First come the satay, the ketupat & the thick peanut sauce kuah!

kampung food ikan bakar
Then a while later, comes the nicely wrapped ikan bakar with its 2 different sauces.

kampung food ikan bakar
The ikan bakar is cooked with lots of chillies.

kampung food, baked sotong squid
We have also bought sotongs to be cooked - in a rather similar baked style.

kampung food, kangkung
And having all local kampung food, it must come with the kangkung!

And with that, dinner is ready!

kampung food restaurant, coconut tree

I enjoyed this dinner - the satay was good. The baked fish was not too bad either. My only feedback is that the sotong/ squid could have been cleaned a bit better.

But overall, it was an enjoyable evening, having the sunset view while dining under the coconut tree!

*This may not really be the 'authentic' kampung food, but I call it so because I ate it in this kampung in the outskirts of Malacca town.

*For those interested, this restaurant is somewhere along the Tanjung Kling beach, which is a few minutes drive from Klebang.


  1. Hmm...I have never been there before. Haha =)

  2. bro, u ever come up all theway to KL?

  3. simple stuff like these are always the best

  4. if u r ever in Sibu, give me a call :) can show u around if the time is right :) i like the ketupat most. been a long time since i had a good ketupat. i can only prepare nasi himpit. i wonder if u know how to prepare ketupat?

  5. @tekkaus
    oh, u should try it. quite a nice place :)

    yes, i do. quite often in fact :)

    oh yes, sometimes these are the best. i like to eat by the sea :)

    especially when by the sea! :)

    lol. no, dont know how to prepare the ketupats haha. ive seen on tv, but never tried my hands on them haha

  6. The old town charm, the good food, it's beyond great!

  7. Hehe...I found it!^^ Ok, I'll discuss the matter with my mum and family again then we'll see how we'll celebrate our family's reunion dinner this year~ Wee! Hehe! xD

    I love the sea, coconut trees, fresh breeze, sunset, calm waves, white sand, cool sea water, and of course great seafood~ Yumz!^^


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