Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Malaysia Book Update 17: More Press Reviews

I've mentioned that getting reviews are a blessing.

Well, in the month of August, just when the book is out, we've had 3 main reviews.

malaysia book review, the edge financial daily

Actually, the first review was in The Edge Financial Daily (by Grace Chin). The journalist actually called me up to have an interview while I was in Jakarta. Of course, it was a pleasant call, and she handled the interview well.

In fact, the questions she asked took some deep thinking & reflection. It was good questions posed to find answers on the company's vision.

I still remember she asking me "Why call yourself a Dreamer Entrepreneur?"... Well because not all entrepreneurs are dreamers.. and who continue to work on the goals, despite all the challenges faced. I remember also saying that many would just quit especially being in this 'difficult' industry - mentioned even by the local industry players.

But I see a potential in it. And I know that globally it's huge. That's why I carry on... continue working on this 'hard dream'.
malaysia book review, the star

Then next up was The Star interview by Kee Hua Chee. This went pretty easy and I need not explain much. And as I mentioned before, I really salute The Star for being so supportive of Malaysian works!

Another relatively easy interview was done by Lam Yuet, Sin Chew. This appeared in the Merdeka Special segment, on yes, Merdeka Day! How nice :)

malaysia book review, sin chew

Though I like talking about my works in interviews, but simple interviews are also nice... for if I can humbly put it, the works speaks for itself. :)

To all 3 journalists and the press, many thanks for recognising this work of ours. It gives much encouragement to continue with my works, works for the nation, & to pursue this dream to succeed in the book industry :)


  1. The more reviews the better for you! The journalist from The Edge really knows how to ask good questions, yes? : ) Anyway, saw your book at MPH yesterday. Not bad - stand out among all the tourism books on the shelf.

  2. i feel almost proud to have a celebrity friend like u

  3. nice~
    this 50+1 malaysia book is really a big thing! :D

  4. Great man! Congrates to you. I'm sure more reviews is coming to you. IMHO, you have really done something very,very meaningful that only a select few could do. =)

  5. Congrats man & it's good to see you realising a part of your dream ^~^

  6. @foongpc
    yes, she asked the right questions - spot on! and thank you for yr compliments on the book :)

    im no celebrity lol - just your ordinary guy who likes.... to travel(?) hehe

    thank you. and yes, hoping it is. hope more of it to come :)

    thanks, pal! passion + love for the nation played a big part i guess :)

    thank you. yes realising the dream is the one that makes me going haha

  7. Congrats from me too! Hope it sells like hot cakes. foongpc...didn't buy a copy kah? See! I'm more supportive! I bought one of my own! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  8. Yo, thanks for your comment on my site - Innovative Drive.
    Wah! U r quite famous ya. Did u get the preseed? I got rejected dy, nvm will go for it again.
    Nice meeting u though. ;-)

  9. WAh... congratulation.... ;D
    You look very 'ying' le... kekekz...

    Never stop dreaming.. :)

  10. @suituapui
    thank you for yr wishes and support :)

    thanks for dropping by :)

    thank you :) ya, will continue dreaming - hehe. (seriously, when all else seems gloomy, dreams & passion keeps the light going) :)


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