Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The CNY Movie For 2011: Great Day! (天天好天)

When I first read that the producers of last year's CNY movie, Woohoo, are coming out with a movie, I got all excited. Last year's CNY movie by Astro has been simply awe-some and still have fresh memories with me.

So it was obvious that I'd watch Astro's movie for this year too! And I must say that I wasn't at all disappointed.. for it sure lived up to its expectations!

great day movie reviewSo what about this movie, aye?
Well, it's simply touching & heartwarming. And oh yeah, funny too!

great dayThis show emphasis a lot on relationships, family ties & togetherness - like the relationship between father & son, children & their elder parents/ grandparents, friendships between friends.... all the stuff that you will feel especially during the Chinese New Year.

tian tian hao tian
And then there's the togetherness of the 'kampung spirit' that many of us Malaysians & Chinese communities worldwide can relate to someway or rather.

great day movie mother son son
great day grandfatherApart from its heartwarming theme, what I like about this movie - is the shots in the village. I just love the kampung views! (yeah call me a Kampung Boy! haha!) Btw these scenes reminds me of how blessed we are in this beautiful country (seeing is believing!). But it's not just the kampung views that are nice. Even the KL views that we are so accustomed too is quite well taken here (there's one scene where one of the actors were on a motorbike around the city).

Another thing that this movie has done well is to make it funny. Cos usually movies that are funny are not that heartwarming, but this CNY movie managed to do juggle both very well.

At times, I laughed, and a times, my heartstrings were touched. And that's what makes this movie special.

So, if u want to watch a CNY movie this Chinese New Year period, well, you don't need to go all blury over the many shows out there. I'd highly recommend this... if you are Malaysian. And even if you are not, I think this movie can touch you too!

*Simply love the title Great Day (天天好天) - also translated as tian tian hao tian = everyday good day!


  1. I heard that this movie is very saddening? Hmm...

  2. yeah!! another one to watch is homecoming!! collaboration between malaysia n singapore!!

  3. Oh, I didn't know about this movie. Thanks for sharing it, QuaChee. I'll check it out~ Wee!^^


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