Sunday, January 16, 2011

Klang: Fatty Mee Hoon Kuih

Recently, I made my maiden trip to Klang after over a decade.

I have always thought that Klang is far but having lived in Greater Kay El now, and with the convenience of the expressways, Klang really isn't that far... afterall.

Anyway, my trip there was for one purpose only - to jalan jalan cari makan. My mum have tried this before and wanted to go there again.. and me, having heard so much nice thing about it - wanted to try it too!

So, off we went and headed for our mee hoon kuih!

fatty mee hoon kuihWe were not that familiar with the roads around Klang, and somehow got a lil lost a bit. But with some good landmarks, it didn't take us long to arrive to this row of shophouses where this super popular mee hoon kuih shop is located.

fatty mee hoon kuih klangIf you can locate the row of shophouses, you most likely will be able to then locate the shop for their signboards are everywhere.

fatty mee hoon kuih crowdAnd if that's not enough.. then recognise it by the amount of crowd. Mind you, this was taken at the late afternoon, 3 plus pm - which I thought was already after lunch period!

fatty mee hoon kuih food preparationThe preparation of the food (ie the mee hoon kuih) is handled by a couple who takes turn to cook. Based on our observation, they take less than 30 seconds to make 1 bowl of mee hoon kuih... but even then, that's not enough for the amount of orders that are there.

Just see how much of mee hoon kuih they have in their pot!

We were lucky to have gotten a table, but still, the wait was long.. (or should I say, very long). But anyway, we didn't mind as it was a weekend, and we really came here for the food!

soya bean cincauIn the meantime, we had drinks. The recommended soya bean cincau. I'm not sure if there's anything biased favouring this restaurant, but I thought even this drink was above average. Yes, it was quite nice.

After 40 minutes or so (yes, we waited that long in the restaurant), finally the food arrived..!

Btw, we ordered, extra ikan bilis on the side.. which was a recommendation too.

Now the question to ask: Is the wait worth it?

Well... see this, and you'll know!

Yes, I was very satisfied with the food here. Here's what I have to say:
"the mixture of the ingredients are just right. the noodles isn't too fat nor too thin, the soup tasty, while the amount of ikan bilis is just right".

In fact, it is so good, that I keep remembering of this good mee hoon kuih even days after eating eat! So if ur wanting for some getaway, head over to Klang for some good & to remember mee hoon kuih!

No. 29, Lebuh Bangau
Taman Berkeley
41150 Klang

Business hours: 10am - 10pm

Price range/ bowl: RM3.20 - RM3.80
Ikan bilis: RM1.00


  1. Ahh...finally, your mum is in the picture! She looks good as she has always been~ What a pleasant sight!^^

    Aiyo...pergi makan tak ajak arr... I also love mee hoon kuih tau! Yumz!

    I love the way you presented the photos with captions in it. It's creative and original~ Nice job, QuaChee!

    Btw, I noticed something though...almost all the good shops / places to eat has the word 'fatty' in their names. For example: Fatty Crabs, Fatty Mee Hoon Kuih House, etc. Hmm...that's something to think about, aye? :P

    Before I leave, here's some saliva on your post / blog... *Drooling* Serve you right! Ahaha!!! :P

  2. omg! so many ppl!!! if me, not sure will wait or not. :p but the wait certainly worth it eh? can see broad smile on ur mommy's n ur face too! :D

    P/S: Ur mom looks so pretty la wei! ;)

  3. Wow...really...people can get crazy waiting for their tummies to be filled huh! :p

    If it is really, really, really damn delicious...I don't mind waiting either.

  4. ohhh i heard of this famous pl;ace before but had yet to try...

    reason is there are several reasonable good pan mee over here in subang jaya... XD

  5. This is one of the 2 favourite mee hoon kuih places for me in Selangor. Another one is Subang SS19, Lian Heng.

    But be prepared to wait when visiting Fatty Mee Hoon Kuih. 30-45minutes is a norm, especially on Sunday


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