Saturday, January 08, 2011

I Got My Hair Blue-d!

It was coming to the end of 2010. And I was doing all I needed to do to make 2010 complete. One of them - a want & desire for a while now: to get my hair blued!

So, I did that last week. Yes, I just walked into the salon near my office and just did it!

Now, here's what happened...

I first took this shot. Can you see the owner at the back? He is smiling cos I think he hasn't seen someone so 'suaku'.. Oh well, I'm a 'virgin'..

Then, got my hair washed.. (I think the guys there must be going "wash hair, also take photo?" haha).

I was then put back to my seat.. to get my hair dried.

And then, the process begun..

The stylist then put some very strong smelling chemical.. the bleach. Later on, there was that dryer/ heater which was turned on to dry the bleach, I believe.

First round, and the onwer aka big boss says "cannot.. ". Cos it's so blonde. Thought it was cool tho.

Me turning blonde - when the hair is dry. Hmm, not too bad.. actually.

I then had my 2nd round of hair wash..

Then the battery died. But well I remember I had another round of bleach which made the hair go white.

And finally, the stylist put the blue dye across the white hair.

All in all, it took like 2 over hours - nearly 3 in fact. And the results, yea,
Mr Blue! (ok, blue highlights lah).

This is the hair just directly after. Kinda like it cos it's like punk style to me. Haha!

But one thing for sure - the blue don't last long.. and from blue it turns lighter and lighter to.. blonde & white. Oh well, still... it was a syiok blue days for me! :)

*Blue hair photos credit to TianChad.


  1. It reminds me of the time I had red highlights too during my uni days which took me a grueling 3 hours to get it done but the final result was great!^^

    With proper care, it should be able to last quite long. Mine lasted for about 2 month plus then it turned brownish brown which looked cool too! :D

    In a nut shell, welcome to the dark side mate! Hehe... :P

  2. very cool! :D suit u well! :D u're lucky u only bleach a bit ny, me dat day bleached whole hair! i cant stand d pain. :(


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