Thursday, January 06, 2011

It's 1 Week Of Jan Already!!!

Countdown? That's nearly 7 days ago. Yup, we are already 7 days into 2011!

How have you been the past few days?

Mine has been one big roller coaster ride. To say I started 2011 with a BANG is undeniable. Really.

Many things has happened.. mainly due to words & communication (add the mis in front haha!). Like I twittered the other day,

2011 feelings = joy + happy + angry + sad + dissapointed.

In some ways, I was a lil taken aback on how the year started.

But then, I while I may feel all these emotions, however, I'm not so affected. Cos this year, I am learning to do things differently, and I think I can cope with all these better. The semi sabbatical in Dec and the Silva Method course I attended sure helps. Plus the advice about life by some friends.

These are what I have been doing:
1. Check in my feelings every now & then. The aim is to feel them. No right. No wrong.
2. Know that whatever I do is to get me closer to my dreams. So, leave all else behind, cos the dreams is what matters.
3. Learn to detach all emotions to everything. That way, I see things from a neutral point of view and don't get so emotional.

Btw, apart from the above, I've also have had some interesting moments this New Year - like going drinking with friends & eating... err... KFC. Yeah.

I usually eat 1 spicy & 1 original. And this time, I added the cheese wedges plus.. had the oreo combo. A feast, I know!

yesOh, and I also got the Yes 4G. Been hearing so so much good reviews about it, and thought I'd try it out as it will come in handy when I go to some friends' places with slow mow internet (stay tuned for the review!).

Well, that's the start of the New Year for me. I would expect more roller coaster rides. But hey, bring it on. I'm all for this 'free' ride! :)


  1. Happy 1st week of 2011, QuaChee!^^

    I heard YES 4G is not as good as it said it was supposed to be lar but let's just see what's your opinion on it. :)

    Btw, KFC? *Drooling* Haha! :P

  2. sigh.. YES 4g not in east malaysia yet. :(


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