Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Am I Still A Virgin, Now?

*Warning: this is gonna be a long self indulgence post.

Have you heard bout the hoo-ha of the 'New Horoscope' recently? Well, I heard bout this on Hitz FM 2 days ago.. and thought that this is quite interesting!

Googled a bit of it.. and there's quite a buzz online about it! (check: New Zodiac Signs).

Base on the previous astrology sign, I'm a Virgo (okay, I'd rather call myself a Virgin, ehem!). But under the 'newer' horoscope, I'm not a Virgin anymore but am actually a Leo!
Now, that gets me thinking that what I've always thought is true (that sometimes, we can fall in more than 1 sign!).

But anyway, to know which star I really am, I'm gonna do a test and see which traits do I actually have.



1. Sometimes modest, and quite often shy.
Hmm, not me anymore. Yeah, maybe till a few years ago.. or even till early last year. But shy - now? I'm hell of a thick skinned! Haha!

2. Has a very keen and sharp intellect.
I'd go with a yes, not because I'm boasting. Hehe.

3. They are methodical and extremely precise.
No, I've always wondered why they say this of Virgo-ans/ Virgins.

4. Slow to make moves, as they analyse their knowledge, as to apply it usefully.
Yes, most times. Jumped in a few times for some stuff, and realise, that's not the way to go!

5. They are practical and imaginative and develop skills that enable them to improve their being.
True, always believing in improving my skills in all aspects :)

6. Can be obsessed with the idea of ‘order’. Can do and will do anything to achieve this.
Ok, true. If I believe in something, it has to be such & such way. But recently, especially late last year, my beliefs are changing & I don't have a fixated mind on everything, anymore.

7. Known to be nagging and fault finding.
Oops! But err.. okay, I got to say, I do have this trait at times. Grrr!

8. Very reliable and punctual, those born under the virgo sun sign will be easy to count on.
Okay, true too! I hate late people!

9. They will help you out in a pinch and do things for you that go above and beyond the call of duty.
Ya, a true friend I am - if I like you, that is Hehe.

10. This sign is the symbol of chastity, the sign of the virgin which shows decency and a simplicity of style.
Err... I don't think so. So not me. I believe that I'm rather open minded.

11. Virgoans’ are renown for their constructive ideas and sound advice, with an active intuitive power that gives them a deep understanding of human nature and motives by others.
Okay, seems true too. I do think my advice is always err.. good! (and turns out to be so too!) :)

12. They are loyal as partners and friends and are caring to the ones that they love.
I think yes, just like point number 9.

13. Typically labeled as being perfectionists, they are more concerned with having a firm grip on their environment. They will however, immerse themselves in the smallest of details to enrich their understanding of how something works.
True, and true! I need to know what's going on by learning more about how it is done.

14. Tactful and adroit, the Virgoan, has a way of dealing with others. They are great conversationalists and appear to be cool and reserved. Their natural bearing and outward behavior command respect and admiration from others.

Well, people have praised me for such.. so I got to agree! :)

Looking at this score, wow, most of them are true.. well, that's why I've always thought that I'm a Virgo-an!

But now, let's take a look at whether I fit being a Leo:


1. Leo is a generous soul, the kind of person that would give you the shirt off of their back.
True, similar to that to the Virgo trait of helping a friend.

2. Always has a smile, this warmhearted individual will be the first to boast your spirits when you are feeling down.
Err.. not really. Well, unless you are my close friend.

3. Very charming with a flamboyant personality which tends to draw in those around them.
Well, I must say of late been more flamboyant in personality! Haha! Charming wise - isn't that a Virgo trait too?

4. They tend to be diligent and hardworking. Their desire to play hard as will as great emphasis placed on the pleasures of life qualifies them as excellent companions.
Oh, super duperly true! Work hard, play extra extra hard - that's what I believe!

5. Being flamboyant and exuberant, Leos may tend to withdraw when their position of power is challenged. They can be highly opinionated therefore appear overly pompous.
True, and true. Withdrawing is something I notice of myself if I don't like how something is being handled.
Highly opinionated - well, I've been told about this hehe. But well... that's cos I always analyse stuff hence have something to say bout nearly everything (my belief anyway!) :)

6. Some of the most creative people out there are Leo.
I'd say, I'm in the process. For some of my works, yes this is high. For some, it's a lil less as I'm still learning.

7. Leos tend to be very strong organizers capable of real leadership qualities, when they are the “Boss”.
Being in control - yeah, that's me. For me, it's either I'm the Leader or I'd sit back & follow all the way. No half halfs bout this.

8. Things can become sensitive when a Leo is challenged by someone who is considered a lesser mortal.
Ooops, but err... true! Be someone/ somebody of that field before he/ she can make a 'correct' statement. I believe that one can only describe something if he/ she has gone through it himself/ herself.

9. Broad minded, Leo will be willing to experiment and try new things. This can be a tad bit dangerous for them as they tend to take risks sometimes. A Leo person will be open to all kinds of suggestions and gets bored rather easily.
Like I mentioned earlier, I am really open minded. I think I even surprise most of my classmates who I thought were more broad minded. But well, I guess traveling helps to broaden the mindset :)

About getting bored easily - I notice that too. But am learning to cope with that :)

10. Always true to their love, you will seldom find a Leo cheating on their mate. Leo loves strongly, and will defend the honor of those that they love.
Again, this is a lil like the Virgo trait. But yes, that's me! I treasure love & relationships (awww, yeah, I know..).

Looking at the above, I feel that I can be a Lion/ Leo-er too. There's so many traits of a Leo that I too have - which btw are also in the Virgo traits!

But comparing both side by side, I'd say that over the year or so especially after coming to KL, I seem to be a lil more Leo-ish in nature of late. So less a Virgin & more a Leo? How appt that this 'new horoscope' makes news just at this time in my transition(?) Haha!

How about you? Have you checked your 'new' star sign? How do u feel about it? Sticking to your previous sign or not?

*I use the word 'new' on the 'new' horoscope as actually this new find is not too new after all. Google it and you'll find that many older reports have been made on this :)

*Info on the 2 horoscopes above are taken from Astrology Insight .


  1. *Coughs* QuaChee, can we conclude that you're slowly losing your virginity (from being a Virgo or virgin as you put it) and is sowing your wild oats (to being a Leo or lion as you put it) now?

    Hehe... :P

    I'm always a Pisces at heart (dreamy, imaginative, intuitive, inspirational) with a dash of Aquarius (independent, crazy, strong-willed, mysterious)too~ Both star signs suit my personality very well. Love it!^^

  2. Well...according to are no longer a virgin. Woohoo! :D


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