Monday, November 26, 2012

My Bali Trip Itinerary

I'm proud to have completed documenting about my trip in Bali. It has been one of my more thorough write ups of my travels so far :)

To make things easier, I am compiling all the travel tips resources here. 

I hope that this guide will come in handy for those who want to plan their trip, based on a rough guide - my rough guide. To note: I believe that this will be definitely more helpful to those like me, who likes a lil more leisure-ly trip :)

Kecak dance, Uluwatu
Let's start with Things To Do And Places To Visit. First off, the most recommended on my list to visit is the Uluwatu Temple. Here, one will get to witness the Kecak dance amidst a beautiful sunset, with the ocean behind. Honestly, this view is priceless - especially if you come from the city.

Breathtaking view at Tanah Lot
Another popular sunset spot is Tanah Lot, with also breathtaking ocean views. If you are here, and are open minded, I do suggest to get blessed by the holy water. 

Kuta beach sunset
For beach lovers (and I know many who come to Bali are).. well, the must visit spot is definitely the busy Kuta Beach. The long beach with its white sands is not to be missed. And if you are lucky, you may get a chance to release the baby turtles into the sea!

Ubud Palace
Sacred Monkey Forest
For those into culture (and lifestyle), then Ubud is the place to be. It has a fair bit of boutique shops and restaurants. It's also here that the Ubud Palace and Sacred Monkey Forest is located. 

I rented a bike in Bali!!
Going around Bali? Rent a motorbike  if you are daring enough! Maybe take a ride up to Uluwatu. It will be a worthwhile trip! But I don't suggest all times on the bike - not if you plan to travel the island as the traffic can be heavy. Taxis or tour vehicles are recommended for those. 

Spicy chicken from Ayam Bertutu Khas Gilimanuk
Lia Cafe Jimbaran.. fresh seafood!
On Bali good food - there's plenty. For local food, there's the popular Ibu Oka Babi Guling, which food critic Anthony Bourdain highly recommends. Those who love spicy - the Ayam Bertutu Khas Gilimanuk is not to be missed. Seafood wise, it has got to be Lia Cafe Jimbaran, which serves good seafood at decent prices. 

Roasted chicken owh so good at Go Fast
Pork ribs at Nuri's
Happy Falafel
For international food, I'd go with my favourite Go Fast Roasted Chicken - serving one of the best roasted chickens, I ever had! Nuri's Pork Ribs is also a must try for succulent & yummy ribs. Happy Falafel serves good falafel which is pita bread with meatballs and vegetables. 

Hotels & Accomodation.
Grand Mega Resort
Radiant Hotel & Spa
If you are like me and am staying for a good few days or more, well, why not hotel hop? After all Bali boasts of a fair amount of hotels & resorts, and you can experience more. For me, I stayed at the boutique resort Radiant Hotel & Spa and also the more classy Grand Mega Resort. Both to me are worth staying. Just check the prices & offers - for like me, I got them at a bargain price.

Language wise - most tourist establishments speak decent English. But of course, knowing Bahasa Indonesia (or the Malay language) will help lots!

There you have my Bali travel guide & tips. If you do use this guide, do let me know how your trip went. In any case, have fun and happy holidays!

*Owh yea, do not forget to take a photo with the paddy fields while you are there! :)


  1. Thanks for the tips! LOL! I miss Ibu Oka's babi guling! And I love Ubud! : )

  2. thank for the info bro, am planning a trip ti Bali can you tell me what is the best time to visit.

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  4. Thanks for the tips. We're planning our trip next week and looking for info on blogs, i'm glad i stumbled on this one. :)


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