Thursday, November 01, 2012

Bali Seafood: Lia Cafe Jimbaran

I've been to Bali numerous times and never really thought of its seafood. Actually, not even this trip.. till I got lost on the way back from Uluwatu to Kuta, and ended up passing by some restaurants by the beach - the Jimbaran beach.

The huge kitchen - a place just to BBQ!

There are lots of restaurants there. But luckily, this is one of the first row of restaurants I saw. Despite it being side by side with other restaurants, but the Lia Cafe stood out.
The lobsters - which were yummy!

It has a pretty huge kitchen. And the staffs were friendly. Plus just look at the variety of seafood to choose from.

There were fish, prawns, squid, lobsters and crab. And it came with simple style of cooking - what else BBQ!

What I did - choose the seafood and just told the cooks to cook according to the style they recommended.

The friendly staff. And those are the many types of fish to choose from. Mine was the red snapper. 

Just to make sure I didn't get "slaughtered" myself, I kept referring to the price of each item I chose. Interestingly to note, that didn't piss them off (which was an extra plus)!

Eating by the beach.. what a bliss! (Pic courtesy of TripAdvisor)
The food were served at the tables at the beach, overlooking the sea. Awesome.. just like what a tropical holiday at the island should be! Just my style! Haha!

Was a lil too dark for me to take the photos of the delicous seafood. But here is a sample of what is served in Lia Cafe (photo courtesy of TripAdvisor)

And the taste - oooo good! Well it's pretty much the good standard - similar to that I've tried in Phuket.

The best part of it all - the price was reasonable.

In fact, that's one of the reason why many people highly recommend this place - something I found out after eating there.

My Bali friend said that this place is the only good restaurant in the area that don't overcharge. He is right as I then read good reviews about it online (blogs & Trip Advisor).

Well, I'm glad that I got lost - and found this seafood restaurant!

*Lia Cafe address:
Lia Cafe Fresh Grilled Seafood
Jalan Pemelisan Agung
Jimbaran Beach

*Lia Cafe Contact

*If you are going by taxi, just insist that they bring you there. They know the restaurant so don't get conned on them telling you otherwise.

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  1. Hi ! i've been there and you are right! best seafood in Jimbaran :)

    Nice pictures.



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