Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ubud Palace (Puri Saren)

Ubud to me is a must visit when in Bali. It has good food and known as the culture centre for the island.

And though I've been here before in my previous trips, I'm back here again. And again to the Ubud Palace (aka Puri Saren).

This time however, I visited this place in the day. The place is nice, and like most places in Bali.. it provide good photo opportunities without being overly grand.

I enjoyed the walk around the palace compound and also managed to peep the live ongoing of a gathering (which I believe are the royalties in action).

What I miss though is the daily night performances which I've seen the last time. If you have the time, and can spare your evening here, then don't miss that.

For the palace walls provide a very nice backdrop.

Owh btw the palace is only walking distance Ibu Oka famous 'babi guling' so if you come to Ubud for that, then do stop by the palace :)

*Apparently one can stay in the palace, (like a hotel) but I don't find any direct info of that around.

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