Monday, November 12, 2012

Things To Do At Kuta Beach

Going to Bali means going to the beach, aye? And of all the beaches on the island - the most popular one of them all is the 5km stretch Kuta Beach!

Interestingly though this isn't my 1st time in Bali, but it is my 1st time visiting Kuta!

And here are the top things I'd recommend to do at the beach!

1. Beach & water sports

Fans of water sports activities like riding the motorboat or surfing will have a fun time here.

While I am into swimming but this time, I didn't - partly of the high waves. Instead I enjoyed walking on the long & wide beach.. letting my feet feel the smooth fine sand.. and at the same time - people watching and just err.. camwhoring!

2. Enjoy the sunset!

For me, nothing beats being on the beach, enjoying the sunset.. just basking in the warmth sun rays and listening to the waves.

The magic hour is just like those postcard views.. and if you love sunsets as much as I do - this will be one truly unforgettable moment in Bali!

3. Letting go of turtles

The Turtle Sanctuary is located on the beach, and every now and then turtles will lay their eggs here. The baby turtles are then sent back to the sea.

If you are lucky, you'd get to experience letting go of baby turtles into the sea.. just like what I did then.

It was a unique and heart warming experience to be part of this even if it was just for an hour or so. Btw as I was there, I was invited to go on stage and had the crowd sing a birthday song for me! Haha! Eventually, I also became the flag bearer leading the other tourists & locals to release the baby turtles into the sea.

4. Shopping

A few of Bali's famous malls are located in Kuta.

The one I visited is Centro. It has a fair bit of branded stuffs though for me - I was more into looking at the local Bali souvenirs like their handicrafts.

There are also a fair bit if shops nearby the beach selling them and also other stuff like tshirts.

5. Dining

There are loads of restaurants and cafes at Kuta.. serving a good mix of local and western cuisine. Seafood too!

For me, I had some local food at one of the hotels there. Then, later headed to the quite packed Sugarmama's cafe (at Centro Mall) to have some (yummy) cakes & drinks, with a view of the beach!

The half day spent at the Kuta beach has been wonderful and I do recommend one to at least spend some time by the beach on your visit to Bali!

*Apparently, sea turtle lay eggs between March and September each year and they will hatch between May and October. So far, only the Olive Ridley (Lepidochelys olivacea) species of turtle, have been found to lay their eggs at Kuta beach.

Between 2002 and 2010 there were more than 15,000 eggs that have been safely relocated to the Hatchery, and 80% of these were successfully hatched and released to the ocean!!

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