Thursday, November 15, 2012

Must See In Bali: Tanah Lot!

In my recent Bali trip, I did visit a few must see places in Bali. High on the list is Tanah Lot!

I arrived a lil early - in the mid afternoon, and this is probably not the best time to visit the place (best time is apparently during the sunset).

Anyway, I arrived.. and passed by rows of souvenir shops. But unlike some other tourists who complain on the touts, or even when comparing with my previous experiences in other parts of Bali.. the sellers were not pushy.

Me at one of the departmental souvenir stores before visiting Tanah Lot

There were both small shops and also the larger departmental like stores.. which has nearly about every Bali souvenirs.

Then comes the breathtaking wide-view Tanah Lot, surrounded by the sea.

The views were okay.. probably as mentioned it wasn't sunset when I visited it. Otherwise, I'm sure it will be much more grand and postcard like! But still at that hour, it was stunning enough.

I got blessed at Tanah Lot!

But,what made me happy here is that I got blessed.. with the holy water, and then had a thumb of rice put on my forehead. That was a new experience for me.. and truly is very Balinese.

*Tanah Lot is approximately 30-45 minutes from Kuta.

*There's also a 'holy snake' at Tanah Lot, which one could touch & 'pet'.

*The temple is on the rock but wasn't accessible when I visited it.

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  1. So if you were to be blessed in Bali, you have to have flowers? :p


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