Friday, July 30, 2010

Ohana Means Family: Lilo & Stitch

I've been doing a fair bit of research on some cartoons of late.. and here, I'd like to share my favourite cartoon of all time.. Lilo & Stitch.

lilo & stitch

Here are a few reasons I like this cartoon:
1. Island life!
Some of u will know that I love the beach a lot.. and this cartoon has a fair bit the sea, sand & fun! I also like that the setting is set in a village - somewhat laidback.. ahhh....

2. Cool songs!
While they may not be the most memorable songs from Disney, but what I like about these songs are its upbeat tunes.. where there's a mix of Hawaii traditional music (or so I think) with modern style. And of course, there's some bit of Elvis in them too.

But the one song I like most from the movie is this short clip when Lilo sits with her sister & she sings this beautiful Hawaiian song.

3. Stitch.. Steeeeetch!
Talk abut how characters play an important role in animation.. and here is the alien blue character - mischevious, yet fun, and along the way, learning to have a heart.. awwwwww...

Btw have u seen the teasers Stitch had with the Disney princesses? Very funny arr....!

4. Ohana
"Ohana means family.. and family means nobody gets left behind". What more can I say? This is the most touching animation for me...

I can't explain more.. if you haven't watched before, I suggest you do watch this animation.. it may just melt your heart & give you some good entertainment at the same time! :)


  1. I like the character too. Stitch is super super funny. LOL :D

    I thing I have watched this cartoon more than once. Maybe 5 or 6 times already.

  2. hahaha!! this is one of my fav cartoon!! :P i watch cartoon whole day on certain SUNDAYs! :P

  3. Aloha, I didn't know you were into Disney cartoons too! ^^ Yup, it's a good cartoon about good values, being family. I love this cartoon a lot too because it's everything Hawaiian~ :D

    Well, I'm glad to be able to meet you and be a part of your ohana in this world wide web. Thanks for sharing~ Do have a beautiful day~ XD

  4. Indeed, one of the better cartoons currently. Great script. Funny and entertaining. You're right about the Elvis numbers. Nice.

  5. i love stitch alot too! and their quote, ohana means family!


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