Wednesday, July 07, 2010

How Our Office Got Burgled

Our office got burgled into yesterday. During lunchtime.

Here to share some details, so that others will be more careful.

1155am: Indian man comes, bringing documents. Asks staff about doing the carpet - says he is a contractor. With his documents & staffs blurness, he let himself into the office, scanned around (most probably on how many laptops he can steal, and who else is around).

Staff says boss not in so if anything come back 4 plus.

110pm: Staffs go for lunch.

115pm: There was a delivery to office. Delivery man, when asked, mentions that the wooden door was left open, while our glass door is locked. Couldnt enter so left parcel outside the door.

150pm: Staffs back from lunch. Bumped into the same Indian man + 3/ 4 of his other Indian friends at staircase & staircase entrance. He mentions that he left documents upstairs (staffs most likely assumed it was to our neighbour).

2pm: Staffs realised her room was ransacked. 2 laptops missing.

Apparently we were told by the police officers that this is quite rampant nowadays. Another office not far away had the same fate - the same day and timing not far off.

We got to be extra careful now. For all businesses - big and small, please be too. Don't let anyone into your office - even those with , even those with 'documents' (the documents presented to my staffs were apparently stolen from another company).

*The term Indian here is merely a description to the burglers who my staffs saw, and by no means is racists.


  1. gudness! have to be more careful nest time. sorry to hear that n hope everything better for u now. =D

  2. From the report, I suggest that one (1) of the staff must remain in the office since the laptops was stolen at lunchtime.

    Moroever, there must always be at least one (1) staff to be around at any time should there be anyone who comes in at lunchtime.

    Unless, there was an appointment (at lunchtime) then the staff can allow the person in. If not, no one is allowed at lunchtime as that area is prone to white collar crime.

  3. Hi Quachee

    Sorry to hear about your office.. can't be too careful these days :(


  4. Hi Quachee,
    Sorry about the incident.
    Gotta be extra careful when strangers approch. I suggest to fix some security systems in your office like 'Access Control' & Surveillance, because it's affordable nowadays...

  5. before you install a surveillant system, u could put a notice saying sth like "your action is under surveillace" etc to scare off this kind of people.

  6. Vinnie, this has been already going around for many years. Since I first started working 5 years ago they do same trick. My colleague lost her hp, he put the thing on her table to show her and underneath he was quietly taking the phone without her noticing. That time so happened my cleaver boss didn't lock the door when he went out. Always be alert, NEVER let anyone careful ok

  7. yahhh alllahhhh >< that's sucksssss... but wish you could get through it sooner ya... cheersss

  8. Well, sometimes, shit happens. You learn form your mistakes and move on being wiser and better. ;) All the best, QuaChee! Take care. ^^

  9. sorry to hear about that, quachee... thanks for telling us about this.. more aware of what is going on..

  10. Guess you have to improve on the security from now on. Laptops are amazingly easy to steal and thieves like to target laptops and handphones.


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